Gaming Age: Neverland Card Battles Preview

Jim Cordeira Writes:

"Based on the best-selling Japanese trading card game Cardinal Arc: Neverland Card War for the PlayStation 2, Neverland Card Battles is a new title for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) due out this October. Featuring over 200 unique cards, customized decks, and ad hoc networking for real-time multiplayer gaming and trading, Neverland Card Battles is a one-of-a-kind TCG developed for the popular PSP platform."


* Popular TCG makes its debut in the US for the PSP.
* Master the power of over 200 very unique summoning cards.
* Head-to-head battles set the stage for intense tactical action.
* Epic story of good vs. evil set in Idea Factory's famed Neverland Series.
* Conquer more territory to strengthen your power in battle.
* Build customized decks to match your playing style.
* Ad hoc head to head multiplayer mode.

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