Destructoid review: Siren: Blood Curse

Silent Hill: Homecoming and Resident Evil 5 aren't due until next year, and so in this gap of horror titles comes the remake of the PlayStation 2 title Siren. The original was considered an equal to Silent Hill in terms of its scariness, but had laughably-bad voice acting that left the game in some level of obscurity.

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PoSTedUP3784d ago

everyone got different opinions.

IMO this dude got bad taste.


avacadosnorkel3784d ago

Dude, the grain filter is the coolest thing to hit HD horror games

TheWickedOne3784d ago

I've only played the Demo. But this seems a little low.

Baba19063784d ago

stupid review, this is by far the best horror survival game out there. everything under 8 is not fair for this.