GamesRadar: Stormrise Preview

While arguably best known for the epic strategy games in the Total War series on PC, Creative Assembly have always kept one hand on a joypad. Recently they've decided to cut a bloody hole in our hearts with the grand-scale slasher Viking. What Stormrise attempts to do is marry the two extremes of its output – something that throws around crowds like Viking did, but with the added things-going-on-upstairs action of the Total War games. Its setting is a somewhat familiar future-dystopia – a world in ruins and the struggle to claim the throne of… oh, you know – standard sci-fi goofballs. It's suffice to say that two sides are fighting, the Sai and Echelon or – in extreme shorthand – a band of scabby mutants and a squad of jackbooted marine high-tech stormtroopers.

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