Super Mario Bros. for grown-ups

Globe & Mail says the Xbox Live Arcade game Braid is an interactive experience that not only redefines what the medium can be, but what it can say.

From the story: " our little blue-suited hero journeys through the game's mesmerizing, watercolour worlds, questing for a vanished woman whom he once loved, a surprisingly adult tale about the hope and futility of finding perfection in our mates begins to take shape. Through brief bits of efficient and beautifully written prose, Braid details the relationship of a man and a woman that has come, through a series of all too common events, to wallow in resentment and mistrust. The primary theme concerns the profoundly human wish to turn back the hands of time and right our mistakes, and this concept is cleverly translated into play via one of the game's main mechanics, which involves rewinding time to allow us to fix our blunders.

Indeed, Braid is dripping with sly allegories that bridge story and play. Another example can be seen in the way our hero collects jigsaw puzzle pieces of paintings that show scenes from happier moments in his life. As he does this we realize that he is, in fact, trying to find and reassemble the pieces of his broken relationship."

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