TGR Preview: Facebreaker - "Brilliantly Uncomplicated"

TGR - "When you try and remember arcade-style boxers your mind likely flows to either the Punch Out! or Ready 2 Rumble series. These two franchises have been about the only ones to make pugilism both fun and thrilling, and the eventual demise of both stands as one of gaming's great travesties. Facebreaker attempts to raise the banner once again by offering a easy-to-learn experience, coupled with a deep rock-paper-scissors strategic sensibility that means this game will be about more than just button mashing."

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predator3752d ago

i enjoyed the demo and might pick this up

Relin3752d ago

The demo didn't last long on my hard drive. I didn't feel there was much reason not to button mash; the strategy is there, but it only directs you to what specific button you need to be mashing rapidly.

aubradley3752d ago

I'm excited for this one, I've been wating for another great boxing game ever since Super Punch Out