Halo - v1.08 Update Patch & Server Available Now

WorthPlaying writes: After a lengthy beta period, Bungie has finally released the official v1.08 patch for Gearbox's Halo PC port bringing your retail game to v1.08. This upgrade contains several fixes for server-crashing security bugs, and removes the cd check (but still requires a cd key for online play).

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Shadow Man3729d ago

this is why I wasn't able to play Halo online a few days ago.

And yeah I still play Halo on my PC.

RemmM3729d ago

BEST Halo game of all time IMO. Goodthing I have my copy ^_^

DA_SHREDDER3729d ago

Wow,,, nothing else to play on the 360 huh?

thekingofMA3728d ago

wow...not surprising whatsoever actually.

but to respond to your ridiculous comment: the patch is for the PC version of Halo: CE.

Bungie is a good developer and will patch things to keep the game in good conditions and to add things (you're probably unfamiliar with devs adding simple things to their know, since only 2 games have added trophy support and all)

now why don't you go shove your hands into 'da shredder' so that you can stop typing worthless comments

Skadoosh3728d ago

Halo on PC is so bad...what you guys talking about?

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