Madden Curse Strikes...EA?

News broke Thursday morning that Green Bay Packers mainstay (and now former NFL retiree) Brett Favre would be traded to the New York Jets.

Unfortunately for EA Sports, Madden NFL 09 is launching next week, and the cover is plastered with the image of Favre donning The Green and Gold.

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sonarus3785d ago

hahaha madden curse strikes EA lol. Its their fault anyway. Anyway its no big deal.

KiNg_TED_PRIZE3785d ago

you did get cursed~~~ i think the currently produce madden will have dude on it!! but the new one coming out late holiday will probably have his new team jerzey on it

rbluetank3785d ago

Madden 2009 is still the same... wait replay your play.. It teaches you how to be a better player.. start with letting 2k make a better game.. 2k is holding back until the license is settled. it is like experiencing only one women throughout your entire life. you will be missing out... trust no bogey..

1) same sideline of 200 hundred player per sideline just standing/sitting no movement at all if you are doing good or bad...when you run into them you glitch through them..

2) replay problem still there.. you make the first down pass the yellow line. replay play it and the yellow line is gone because madden says that you did not make the first down??? bull....

3) No presentation at all (aka stadiums/crowds/player models/no ref on the field/ the absolute wackiest kick off systems in a football game/ rain,snow just bad../ qb throw the ball 80 yards against momentum and on his back foot...?? There is more but blaming people for making a bad game tires you out /boring. where in the hell is temco bowl when you need fun in a football game if 2k is not around... $60 dollars is going some where else this year..AKA ( They have something special.. take a look...

Ruind3784d ago

Come on now. Let's look at this chronologically.

1. Favre's last game - NFC Championship game which he coulda/woulda/shoulda won.

2. Favre graces the Madden cover.

3. Favre traded to Jets.

Are you telling me that Favre didn't just get cursed? Sure there was a lot of crap that happened in between, but that's the gist of it. Sorry all you Jets fans out there. I'm just being honest.

How is EA cursed when they'll sell yet another billion copies of 2004's game with updated rosters? If they released the EXACT same game from last year it would still sell a billion copies. I hate to judge the general populace, but... Nsync did sell a billion records in a week. I'm just sayin.