What's The Best Multiplayer Survival Game on Steam?

An editor at Complete Game Reviews compares four popular multiplayer survival games on Steam.

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jonivtec878d ago

I got ARK for 20$ to weeks ago but i will let it mature some months before trying it.
Im not a early acces fan but its a great way to save money if not in a hurry to play the game.

sorane878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

I have all those games in the article and Ark is by far the best. Such a great game and updated like crazy. Rust is also shaping up great and is updated like crazy. 7 Days to Die should be in the article. It's also a great game. I've owned both Dayz and Reign of Kings for a long time now, but I just haven't been able to get into them since Ark came out. Let's also not forget about the Forest which has been making great progress.

Pookandpie878d ago

Nice call on 7 Days to Die. That game has come a long way since its initial alphas!

Bolts878d ago

Still got a ton to go. I'm really tired of all these early access survivor games.

Poroz878d ago

Ark survival hands down!Great game weather it's your favorite or not.