Gaming Trend Review: Final Fantasy IV

Gaming Trend reports:

''Reviewing Final Fantasy IV for the DS presented a unique challenge. This is a game that's seen four incarnations, once on the Super Nintendo (as Final Fantasy II), once on the original Playstation in a compilation, once on the Game Boy Advance, and now the DS. How do you review a game that's been around so often?

Square Enix also recently tried remaking a Final Fantasy game for the DS, and Final Fantasy III didn't fare so well. It didn't bring anything new to the game, and simply wasn't interesting. Did Square Enix learn from it's mistakes?

Obviously, there are a lot of questions surrounding Final Fantasy IV. I'm going to look at FFIV from a couple different viewpoints: A person first playing the game, and someone who has played other incarnations. How does it stack up? Is this a game that you should double-dip, triple-dip or even quadruple-dip for?''

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