Microsoft Plans to Win in Europe

Even though the console war is a global "conflict," winning one of the three big regions – North America, Asia and Europe – could offer a console manufacturer company huge profits. Microsoft and their Xbox 360 kind of lost hope with Asia and especially Japan, even though the recently released Tales of Vesperia has proven to be a huge success. However, since the battle is still on in Europe, Microsoft's David Gosen said that his company planned to win it!

The VP of strategic marketing said that the company was investing in creating better quality video games and services, making sure that the experience delivered by their console would be as close to everything a gamer can wish for as possible. His statement follows a recently released report claiming that Xbox Live is not one of Europeans' favorite pastimes. According to Gosen, more cash will be invested in the Marketplace and Arcade and this will hopefully raise the popularity of the service.

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Somnus3785d ago

...Good luck with that.

Codeman4203785d ago

yea well wat they plan and wat really happenes is 2 different things. anyone remember Vista and Live anywhere(that never showed up).

shine13963785d ago

Microsoft shows ambition in europe and SDF nowhere to be seen.../end sarcasm...its getting a little boring...

mikeslemonade3785d ago

Maybe if they drop the premium all the way down to $200. None of their software sells systems in Europe. Sony's biggest development studio is in Europe and Gran Turismo 5 is a system seller especially in Europe. And Nintendo has 1st place on lock for now. Noway can the 360 get out of 3rd place unless they drastically drop the price.

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Juevani3785d ago

and I plan to move to march

rucky3785d ago

Honestly the way Sony is treating our European brothers, if might be possible depending on how patient they really are. Although things are slightly improving right now as far as DLC and game releases are concerned, Europe is still one market you don't want to alienate.

Codeman4203785d ago

MS was the same way with the video store and stuff and are the same as sony as far as DLC goes.

cmrbe3785d ago

Sony is delaying stuff on purpose to piss off their biggest userbase?. No company that wants to make money would do such a thing.

Haven't it occurred to you that Europe is a vastly different region than others with many different laws?.

mistertwoturbo3785d ago

Don't forget that Europe has many different speaking territories. Getting stuff out there isn't as easy as releasing one English speaking version. There's also like what cmrbe says, different laws for the different countries.

Right now MS's stronghold in Europe looks to be Great Britain.

mfwahwah3784d ago

You know, here in the US I don't complain when Japan gets a game earlier than us, which is always. They have so many more classics on PSN also. It's a different region, and they release things when they're ready to be released.

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juuken3785d ago

...But Europe isn't very fond of you unfortunately.

SmokingMonkey3785d ago

don't they plan on buying yahoo? or was that take2? squenix?

TheDeadMetalhead3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

We'll see. I'm not holding my breath, though.

fafoon3785d ago

Back to the drawing Board
With that idea