NZGamer: InFamous Preview

Ever wondered what life would be like as a walking Tesla coil? If so, then the new open world action adventure title Infamous, from developers Sucker Punch and publisher SCEA, will give you the chance to find out. It's set in Empire City, a city still reeling from shock in the aftermath of an explosion that ripped through six city blocks and left only one survivor right in the heart of the blast. That one survivor is Cole, a would-be everyman and the game's protagonist who - as a result of the explosion - has, surprisingly enough, developed a super power.

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eagle213782d ago

Sucker Punch said in a video around E3 that the boss battles were going to be awesome. We might see more at liepzig.

HighDefinition3782d ago

Infamous or Heavy Rain will be the "sleeper hit" of 2009.