GTA is blamed. Again. For destruction of potted plants

...And in GTA IV, plants are one of the ONLY things you can't destroy...

'From killing sprees to the decay of society, Grand Theft Auto has been blamed for a lot of things. Add destroying plants. Swedish park supervisor Gert Axelsson is tired of the plants being destroyed in the park he oversees in Lulea, northern Sweden. "I am very much considering getting surveillance," says Axelsson. And what does he blame for the plant destruction and increased vandalism? GTA "where you wreak havoc in the city." He's totally right, you know. Because the potted plant mission is my favorite. Heck, I've been kicking over plants all week. Whenever I see a flower bed, I immediately think uproot uproot. Just like I was taught in GTA. We're surprised that people are just catching onto this now. People are so slow sometimes.'

So there you go. GTA kills plants.

Let's add it to the list...

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yesah3753d ago

this is the only guy thompson could afford to bribe

monkeyboi33753d ago

pathetic people
but it really did make me laugh!

PSWe603753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

The Market Crash of 1929
The sinking of the Titanic
The movie Titanic
3 Mile Island
Vietnam War
President Bush choking on a nut
and Sarah Jessica Parker's face

see? I can blame GTA for Bullsh*t too

theusedfake3753d ago

ahaha, i just spit my soda.
bubbles for you

mistertwoturbo3753d ago

Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a foot.

Seriously, why in the flying pink trolls do the media try to make her look hot when she isn't?

chaostheory3753d ago

Of course it was because there was never any murder or vandalism before Grand Theft Auto, right? That all started after GTA was first released.

DarkBlade3753d ago

lol this one cracked me up.

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The story is too old to be commented.