6 Notable Moments Of Boob Physics

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Video-games and their graphics are developing into movie-like sequences at an alarming rate. The visuals are so stunning these days that it actually beggars belief. However, there is one aspect of animation that has often been problematic and it’s a very obvious one that developers cannot avoid – breasts of female characters."

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Maple22994d ago

Oh good old boob physics, keeping us entertained since the beginning of time. I remember being slightly impresses by the ladies of Soul Calibur... and no list would be complete without Lara. Really fun article!

Yukes994d ago

Slightly impressed? Ivy is mighty impressive in my opinion :p Would be concerned about impalement though...

JonahFalcon993d ago

Well, the beginning of time being the first Dead or Alive game on Sega's console. :p

HRD_Games994d ago

Ahh, jiggle physics. The best kind of physics. While not breast-related, my favourite jiggle physics are probably in Mount Your Friends. Fantastic wang waggles there. For equality.

Shillmeister994d ago

You beat me to it, darn my terribly slow typing!

GamerGabs994d ago

Great article that I laughed out loud on for how ridiculous some of the gifs were. Oh video-games, what will you do next?

MrsNesbitt994d ago

GIFs were vital for this piece :)

ConboyAdam994d ago

A lot of fighting games certainly wouldn't be the same without the physics

Shillmeister994d ago

Bewbs! Haha funny article, Quiet just HAD to make an appearance, even the figurine!

Still, they've all got nothing on the man-sausage physics of 'Mount Your Friends' though! xD

MrsNesbitt994d ago

More sausage physics is needed in games.

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The story is too old to be commented.