TeamXbox: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "A shiver went through the gamer community last week when it was announced that a host of games under the Sierra brand would not be making the move over in the big Sierra/Blizzard/Activision merger a trois. The official line is: "Ghostbusters: The Video Game is not cancelled. Activision Blizzard is exploring options for those titles it will not publish." That's a relief for sure.

So it was a pleasant and weird surprise when a build of the game (or at least one fairly complete demo level) showed up on our door step last Friday. For one, we were glad to get it, our hands-on experience with the game has been shamefully brief so far. But also we were happy to see that someone still cares about the game other than us (and many of the rest of you) and is making sure that "exploring options" is made easier by more exposure to the game and more positive buzz. Positive buzz? We haz it."

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ninkynonk3785d ago

don't get 2 excited xbots, as we all know this about 2 become exclusive on the ps3, lol

shysun3785d ago

Nice to see them say such nice things about a PS3 exclusive. :P