How ToeJam and Earl Almost Became Marijuana-Smoking Mascots

Retrovolve talks to ToeJam and Earl creator Greg Johnson about the duo's history (or lack thereof) with drugs.

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Considerspace1118d ago

Now they smoke hot dogs instead.

32froshes1118d ago

That's the greatest comment I've seen all day!

Skate-AK1117d ago

That's funny. Always thought they looked like potheads. Apparently the company that wanted to buy the rights for a legalization campaign thought so too.

DivineAssault 1117d ago

Why isnt there a new game?! I saw the picture and thought maybe i would find something.. Sega is just letting all these great IP's sit in limbo..

TheNewSquid1117d ago

They're making one. Sega doesn't have the rights to the IP; the creators do. And earlier this year, they Kickstarted a new game. The art on this post is from the concept art of that new game, I believe.

DivineAssault 1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Good to know and ill be looking into that.. This was one of my very favorite genesis titles.. But sega still has great IP's they arent doing anything with.. Seems like they just keep trying to shove crappy sonic games down peoples throat.. Everyone knows theyre just a shell of their former selves..

32froshes1117d ago

Yup! OP Here! Here's some press info they sent out last March, if you're interested in learning more about the project! I got to talk with Greg about it, and it really looks like a return to the isometric roguelike roots of the original. Excited!