TeamXbox: Domino Master Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Dominoes as a game has been around for hundreds of years. Lately, it's certainly been overshadowed by the variety of genres and titles of video games that are available, but, like games such as checkers and chess, dominoes are still enjoyed by many people as a fun pastime. It's that audience-and, in the hope of publisher/developer TikGames, expanding beyond that to others it might interest-that is the main target of the upcoming Domino Master on Xbox Live Arcade.

The title certainly fits in TikGames's catalog, In fact, Domino Master was initially released by the company for PC players. But TikGames understands that XBLA could very well bring it to a new crowd of players who might be willing to spend $5 or $10 to add the game to their hard drives. This is the same developer behind Texas Hold'em Poker on XBLA, as well as the forthcoming XBLA releases, Minesweeper Flags (which it also will publish) and Interpol. The latter title is slated to be released under the Sierra banner-though the recent merger that brings the label under the Activision Blizzard umbrella means that it might be released by the new company or instead could be sold off for publishing by another company."

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