GameCyte Review: Braid

Jesse Henning Writes:

"When the time came to review Braid, I had heard only the briefest, vaguest descriptions of what to expect. At an unusual price of 1200 Microsoft Points (US$15), Braid was released yesterday on Xbox Live Arcade by developers Number None - and that's about what I knew, going in. My knowledge of Braid was merely that it was a puzzle-platformer, whose main mechanic involved the reversal and manipulation of time. As such, I went into Braid expecting a pleasant mental workout, hoping the time-based gameplay would be a good match for recent time-game entries like Chronotron or P.B. Winterbottom. 5 hours of gameplay later, I had experienced a surprising, artistic, challenging, and wholly unique game which is unquestionably worth its higher-than-average cost."

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