PS3Focus not happy about Vampire Rain

The Dutch site,, played the game Vampire Rain and wrote a Hands-on. They weren't so happy about the quality that the game has. In fact, they think that the game could use two more years of developing time before it can be released. Another game that we can send to the bin?

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facepalm3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

^-^ Well... This proves the statement, "Can't make chocolate out of crap".

EDIT ADDED: But anyone actually surprised that they made a port of one of the worst games to come out in this console generation!!

Closing3779d ago

Move on already. No one bought it before, and certainly no one will buy it now.

DFresh3779d ago

Hello it was a flop on the 360 it's gonna be a flop on the PS3.
A flop is a flop doesn't matter what console you have this game on.