OXM UK: Beijing 2008 Review

OXM UK writes: "Some videogame traditions never die. While the rest of the industry has seen the rise of new standards such as the advantage of cover systems, the cinematic quality of bullet time and the ever-expanding frontier of sandbox gaming, the good old button-basher hangs determinedly on.

Its ghost lingers on in track 'n' field titles, that back in their '90s heyday saw knuckles rubbed raw and caused temporary arthritis following endless attempts to find the perfect technique for stabbing A and B in quick rhythm.

Fast forward a decade, and nothing's changed. Sega's Olympics tie-in is as comfortable as a pair of slacks, seeing the entire office crowd round our console to show off their skills."

Control setups surprisingly good
Graphically sound

Loading times are off-putting
Some events are poor
Not enjoyable in single player

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