Eurogamer: Logitech Driving Force GT

Eurogamer writes: "Being a practical kind of guy, the first thing that strikes me whenever I'm faced with a console steering wheel is, "how the hell will this work in the lounge?" But we're in hardcore driving gamer territory here, so practicality be damned. Logistics and living arrangements temporarily go out of the window and absolute commitment to sexy gadgetry takes over. You've got lap times to improve. What do you mean I can't put the table there? No you can't watch Relocation Relocation.

Yes, this is serious business, albeit on a budget. Some of you might reason that spending GBP 90 on a gaming peripheral to shave 0.1 second off your best lap time is going a bit far, and you'd be right. As much as I love these things, experience suggests it'll spend most of its life hogging cupboard space and the rest of it annoying your housemates. But for the time you spend playing the average driving game, your inner geek wins the argument, because you're worth it. In the case of the recently released Driving Force GT, this is Logitech's attempt at budget luxury, in that it's roughly half the price of the flagship G25 but retains most of its features. Win."

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sonarus3785d ago

I just got it but i haven't really played with it. Its a decent improvement over the last wheel. The pedals are more realistic and its a better looking design. Functionality is as good and probably better than the last one which i thought was great. If you like racing sims this is the best way to play it

LSDARBY3785d ago

I bought it a few weeks ago from game (got a £20 off voucher). Its a good steering wheel, but i cant see myself using it much. I only use it on GT5:P cus thats the only game that utilizes it well.

PimpHandStrong3785d ago

But for the time you spend playing the average driving game

Why not just say this is for GT5

these guys are MS cronys

Lord Anubis3785d ago

you can't drift right without a steering wheel.