Japan lines up for Xbox 360 game: Madness prevails

Destructoid writes:

"Take a good, long, lasting look at the above image folks, because it's not something you see every day, and it could be something you'll never see again. That is a bunch of Japanese people lining up for an Xbox 360 game -- just when you think you'd witnessed it all.

This is of course for Tales of Vesperia, with customers patiently waiting at the Akihabara Yodobashi Camera to get their hands on this exclusive new JRPG. Certainly not the biggest launch in the world, but for a 360 game, it's is as stellar as anybody could imagine.

This morning's launch was accompanied by on-stage antics that included producers Yoshito Higuchi and Tsutomu Gouda, the latter of which quipped: "Even though the Olympics are starting, everyone please enjoy playing Tales of Versperia." Pro wrestler Wataru Sakora was also present for the event.

Although hype for Vesperia isn't as mad as it would be had the game come out for the PS3 or Wii, a "steady stream" of 360 consoles are reportedly being sold. And all it took was a Japanese game in a Japanese genre made by Japanese people to do it..."

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Superfragilistic3754d ago

"And all it took was a Japanese game in a Japanese genre made by Japanese people to do it..."

Priceless! lol

DaKid3754d ago

That line did make me laugh.

Good to see the game is getting recieved well.

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kevnb3754d ago

if it were a wii version, or even a ps3 version I bet the line would be longer though.

power of Green 3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

LOL I was just going to copy and paste that before I read your post.
Maybe if Toshiba produces the 360 as an 3rd manufacturer games like TOV and SO4 will *HELP* push 360's in Japan :)

SixTwoTwo3754d ago

I hope the 360 becomes successful in Japan. It would push Sony to do better on their system and make the market there better overall. Instead of making shovelware for the Wii more and more Japanese developers will look towards the PS3/360 combo to develop on. And this generation of gaming is severly lacking the quality Japanese developed games we're used to from previous generations.

mikeslemonade3754d ago

And it took the 360 like 5 rpgs that were either exclusive or timed exclusive just to have a descent line. The 360 is a lost cause in Japan and Microsoft is just preparing the market for next generation because there's nothing they can do to make it better this generation. We will see Japan sales this week it will probably tie the PS3 in sales this week.

AAACE53753d ago

I wonder if that comment the fanboys said about FFXIII would not sell on the 360 is still true? What do you think?

kindi_boy3753d ago

which sony failed to do lol

can't wait for the game

Megatron083753d ago

Well this isnt the 1st this has happen Blue Dragon and Trusty Bell both did really well for a 360 game in japan. Maybe the 360 will finally start to make some head way in Japan in the up coming month seeing as they have a good line up of JRPG's coming out. That are exclusive Infinite Undiscovery , SO4, Cry On and LR (timed exclsive) and 3 are by SE no less.

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cloudman3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

MS paid for FF13 and Tales

Why doesnt sony do that, even if MS pays it might end up making them win the console war!

Bladestar3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Because Sony rules the world... developers should beg sony to allow them to publish their games on the all powerful PS3... as sony said, "we do not pay for exclusives"... probably because they feel their fanbase aren't worth paying for... also because they know their fanbase will still be loyal to them... hell.. I think is true... instead of criticizing Sony for not counter microsoft efforts... Sony's fanbase criticize microsoft for trying... and agree with sony not trying harder to beat microsoft as far as games are concern...

I just know one thing....

By microsoft, "paying"... xbox 360 gamers are happy, developers are happy, and microsoft is happy.... so, keep doing your thing microsoft...

RawPowah3754d ago

No matter how many 3rd party games Microsoft pays for,they will still end up on the Ps3 one way or the other.

Devil May Cry didnt decide the console war,GTA didnt decide the console war,FF wont decide the console war,Tekken wont decide the console war,you get the picture.Its the first party offerings,the games that will never make it to the competitors box,its those games that will decide which box sells the most.

200-1000 people lining up for a game release won't ruffle Sonys feathers one bit,the game wont sell millions of copies,the ps3 will still outsell the 360 in japan after the year's over.Sony aren't going to lose in their home turf.

kinggeoff3754d ago

if (yes IF) sony falls this generation, it will be due to arrogance left over from the previous generation. sad to see :(

ThatCanadianGuy3754d ago

Wow,seriously what are you and bladestar talking about?
Arogance??? sorry but what the f*ck? I like Sony for being humble and not buying out the competitions games.

Instead they invest that money in there first party game development studios.

Its amazing how flawed your views are.
You want arogance? because of Microsoft millions and millions of gamers have to wait a fu*kin EXTRA year so microsoft can have another multiplatform game!

ElementX3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Sony isn't humble, right. They're not satisfied with just stereos, or tv, or bluray players, or dvd players, or computers, or walkmans, or discmans, or cell phones, or laptops, or speakers, or car stereos, they own movie studios, music labels.... no, they're not humble. They have to stick their noses in every corner of consumer entertainment. MS just has software, Zune, and Xbox.

I'm not saying sony is bad, i'm just saying they're not humble. They pay studios, look at NCSoft, Naughty Dog, Team Ico...... they have more development studios under their wing than anyone....... that's certainly not humble

/end sarcasm

BTW millions and millions of gamers had to wait an extra year for Bioshock on PS3. Didn't SE say they're finishing FFXIII for PS3 before starting the 360 version? Why are you complaining?

LOL, did you actually buy Genji like it says in your profile? And Turok Dynasty Warriors 6, and Beowulf? You say Beowulf is the worst game you ever bought, but it's still in your "games I currently own" list. Why not get rid of that?

ThatCanadianGuy3754d ago

Wow so Sony Corp invests in different markets,there a company.
A companys major goal is to make profit.

Atleast they always release quality hardware.
Unlike Microsoft with Zune,Xbox360...

They have development studios because they invest in them instead of

Again with the stupidity..Yes bioshock was another game that was supposed to be Multi-plat.We had to wait thanks to microsoft.

AGAIN WITH YOUR STUPIDITY.SE isnt releasing FF13 in NA and EU till 360 version is done.

WE HAVE TO WAIT AN EXTRA you not comprehend that or something?

Yeah i have those games,so? whats your point? yes,beowulf sucked.
why should i sell it? i already wasted the time to go and buy it.
Im not some broke ass bum who cant afford another game without pawning off his old ones. What a F*cking idiot you are.

Typical 360 fanboy.

karlostomy3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

(I am not saying that MS is squeaky- clean.... buuuuut)

Sony is without a doubt the worst possible arrogance you will find anywhere.

They bribed Movie studios to the tune of $600 million to go with blu-ray. Was it more? Who knows? The revenue sharing and 'incentive-kickbacks' were kept very quiet, weren't they?

Ken 'crazy' Kutaragi is famous for his insane, arrogant statements:
Just read a small sampling of his idiocy below:

* "Beating us for a short moment is like accidentally winning a point from a Shihan (Karate master), and Microsoft is still not a black belt. Just like with their operating systems, they might come out with something good around the third generation of their release." - crazy Ken.

* "I believe we made the most beautiful thing in the world. Nobody would criticize a renowned architect's blueprint that the position of a gate is wrong. It's the same as that." - crazy Ken

* "Microsoft shoots for the moon. Sony shoots for the sun." - crazy Ken

* "With the PS3, our intentions have been to create a machine with supercomputer calculation capabilities for home entertainment." - crazy Ken

* PS3 is "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else." - crazy Ken

* "The PS3 will instill discipline in our children and adults alike. Everyone will know discipline." - crazy Ken

* "Microsoft is trailing behind us, but they are not a threat. They are good at improving [on products], but we will be advancing to the next level with revolutionary technology." - crazy Ken

* "We're not going to equip [the PS3 with] a HDD by default, because no matter how much [capacity] we put in it, it won't be enough." - crazy Ken.

Sony's arrogance is also exceptionally well documented in the media:

I got more links if you wants em... many many many more.

Sony is arrogant. It's a good thing they are losing exclusives left, right and centre.

Maybe they will wake up?

AngryTypingGuy3753d ago

Yeah, Sony's arrogance towards developers is part of the reason that the PS3 isn't the dominant force PS2 was, and that more and more Sony 3rd party exclusives are coming aboard to the 360 (and selling more on that platform!).

I will say though, many things stated above as being "arrogant" for both sides seems like nothing more than good business to me.

CanadianGuy, you said "because of Microsoft millions and millions of gamers have to wait a fu*kin EXTRA year so microsoft can have another multiplatform game!" Arrogance or good business? MS doesn't want gamers to buy a game on PS3. They want them to buy it on the 360! Assuming that the game you're talking about is coming to the PS3, I have no clue.

Being aggressive and luring away 3rd party exclusives into becoming multiplatform, and securing new 3rd party IP's into being exclusive or timed exclusive is called being COMPETITIVE and BUSINESS SAVVY, not arrogant.

At the present, Sony can pump out more in-house games, because they have more studios. To make up for that, MS throws their money around. Nothing wrong with that, it seems to be working so far. In a few years when MS is pumping out more in-house games, maybe they won't have to, but I hope they do. I like to see aggressive business tactics like that. It benefits us gamers, if you're a 360 fan, that is.

theKiller3753d ago

bravo to MS!! they r really trying so hard with Japanese and JRPG games while sony sitting and making their own games that takes many years to come!!

if sony dont realize it now it may be too late for them to secure the masses of JRPG fans!!

i just have one question, WHY dont sony secure at least few third party JRPG game?? why r they leaving all JRPG games to be 360 exclusives???
their sales in japan is almost as embarrassing as the 360!! yes it sells 2-3 times more but thats like what? 10K units per week?? while wii is flying with the sales!! and the problem its not that hard to secure few JRPG exclusives for ps3, all they need to fork out few millions and they will get it!!

but at the same time i have to say that all 360 JRPG games so far are very low quality ones, similar to ps2 games and style!! its not really next gen and maybe sony knows that and spending more time to make a real killer JRPG games but the problem they r taking too long!! i wont be surprised if the 360 sales starts to be very close to ps3 in japan if sony dont do anything

zapass3753d ago

are you [email protected] kidding me?
m$ is the most arrogant company in the world and it grows thanks to ignorants like you.

sony was maybe arrogant during the ps2 years

Pain3753d ago

That give US Xbots a Hard On?

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CAPT IRISH3754d ago

I never thought I would see the day.........

lodossrage3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

This isn't a big deal. The waits were longer for Blue Dragon. And the lineups were about the same between Vesperia and Eternal Sonata. Look at what happened to those two games after their first week. I'm ALMOST certain the same fate will befall Tales of Vesperia (remember I said almost, not certainly)

Temporary boost. Just like Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, and Ace Combat 6

Lines of about 200 for a Jrpg in Japan are nothing. That is a TINY number for a line wanting Jrpg in Japan

lodossrage3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I have all three systems. I'm just being realistic.

I don't put my life and soul into videogame fanboyism like you do

MetalProxy3754d ago

hey thanks for refreshing my memory..You are Correct!! Nothing to worry about.

kevnb3754d ago

except those other games didnt turn out as well as they should have. Even though they all got the good review treatment, they all were kinda mediocre.

LeSouteneur3754d ago

Blue Dragon had long lines. It sold 300,000 I think (total) in Japan alone, with less than 500,000 japan 360 userbase at the time. Still very good though. Sold better in JPN than US though.

Sayai jin3754d ago

@lodossrage- How long have you lived in Japan? I think the article covered the point that it was not the biggest launch ever, but this is not a common site for a 360 game. If they continue to release JRPG's one after the other the Japanese will slowly warm up to the 360 for JRP's and we know that the 360 has been doing a good job at keeping RPG's in general coming to the 360.

AAACE53753d ago

But what if alot of other stores were having the same kind of lines? Don't worry, it's ok if the 360 has a little success in japan... because if it does, it will let Sony and Nintendo have to keep putting in high effort, for fear that the 360 might take their fanbase! It is highly unlikely that something like that would happen, but if sony and nintendo think it could... then it is we the gamers who win!

Megatron083753d ago

Well the boost in sells are short lived the 360 has a good number of JRPG's coming out and each one will create a boost in sales. It also stands to reason that the number of software sells will increase for games cause of these short lived boost in sales and the over all number of hardware sold goes up. If blue Dragon sold 300,000 how many copies do you think SO4 will sale ? What if SE decides to port FF13 to the 360 in japan ? Oh and if you dont think it could happen then might want to remember no one thought it be ported to the 360 at all.

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cloud3603754d ago

Are those guys embaraseed?

They seem embaraseed. People should ourchase a 360 with honour!!!