Videogamer: Exclusive interview with Rare graphics god, Part four

Videogamer writes: "The Rare love here on just keeps on coming. Yesterday, in the third part of our gargantuan interview with graphics genius Nick Burton, he dished the dirt on the GoldenEye Xbox 360 port that never was. Today, in the penultimate part of our five part week-long interview series, Nick discusses whether current and new Rare games can obtain the same legendary status as Rare 90s classics currently enjoy. There are people who are coming into gaming now, for them the Xbox or the 360 might be their first consoles. For them, they're at the point where we were when we were playing the N64, now is their formative years. Do you think Rare is releasing games now that will have a similar effect on these people as those older games did with us?

Nick Burton: I think that already happened. It's funny when you get fan mail. We do. We get quite a bit. Some for old stuff, quite a lot for new stuff. The best one I've got, and we still have it up in the office, was from a nine-year-old girl somewhere in America who played Kameo and she said it's the only game I ever finished. Her dad had got her an Xbox for Christmas. You can see it's written by a child as well, the handwriting and everything. It's just a really nice thank you letter. You think, well, that might be her formative moment. How many more of her there are, I don't know. Could anybody have done a straw poll of how many there was of us in the late 80s or whatever? Another one with Kameo was some friends of ours, they've got a 12-year-old girl and we saw them a few weeks ago. She just came up to me, because I'd gave her Kameo as a Christmas present. She said I finished Kameo, it's great, but there's one bit where I can't get these last things! It's been her favourite game since Christmas. You're reaching out to people."

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