WoW Trial Offer Has Glitches

Brutal Gamer writes:

The too good to be true trial offer and "introduce a friend" rewards certainly seems to be that way at the moment. Whilst the system works well it doesn't take one thing into account - already having the game installed on a PC for whatever reason.

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cereskitty3778d ago

Cleary blizzard has not answered because... you didnt read the fine print and or instructions on how to obtain the zhebra mount and other goodies...if you read the website , and what it supposedly included...and what you had to do to get it, you obviously would have most of the stuff yer claiming they did not send you..From what I have and your friend phailed to read instructions...

Caxtus7503778d ago

...and you have failed at spelling and grammar.

Why don't you stop being so far up your own ass and instead, tell me where I went wrong?

StrawHatKid3778d ago

Everything you need to know is right below the Recruit-A-Friend – Recruitment Form on the web site. If you sent it to him you would have known.

Caxtus7503778d ago

The problem was he was never asked for the code that was emailed to him. It never gave him the opportunity to insert it throughout the sign up process.

Where were you supposed to add it?