Penny Arcade to Fatal1ty: Suck It

Press Release:

World's Top Gamer "Fatal1ty" will not be at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)
PAX is proud to announce that they will not be welcoming E-sportsman Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel to the event.

"There is no one else in the video game industry quite like Fatal1ty and we're thrilled that he won't be attending our show" said Gabe, Chief Executive Officer of the Penny Arcade Expo, the greatest video game festival in the universe. "Seriously, if he even tries to come we'll kick him out."

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JsonHenry3752d ago

I want to challenge Wendel to a REAL first person shooting contest. That pompous kid makes me see red every time I see his smirk when asked about his superior twitch reflexes.

ChampIDC3752d ago

Yeah, smug pro gamers need a good kick in the gonads. I hate the ones that act like they're so high and mighty because they're good at games. They probably suck at everything else in life.

Counter_ACT3752d ago

I always thought Penny Arcade were a load of wankers. I guess this proves it. D:

Bob Dole3752d ago

Yeah Fatality is a doucher. Nobody likes someone who has that much free time on their hands. Bob Dole wishes he could sit and play PC games all day every day until he gets to the point of domination that Fatality has reached... NOT. Bob Dole would rather be out scoring with chicks and getting drunk. That's whats up.

Altered_Soul3752d ago

The best part about all these comments so far demonstrates the inability of people to understand the humor. The joke is not directed towards Fatal1ty, but rather the E for Everyone announcement of Fatal1ty being one of their main draws. A socially awkward pro gamer is their representative and is expected to sell tickets. Thats the bizarre humor, PA just took it in the opposite direction to show how PAX is more of a general public affair, and that their show won't need a pro gamer to "headline" it.

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The story is too old to be commented.