Carmack vs. Kojima – The Legacies Compared

Hideo Kojima and John Carmack are two of video gaming’s greatest minds and most iconic developers. Both have enjoyed decades-long careers with big name studios, but both have also just left their posts. Finder reflects on their parallel careers thus far.

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SlappingOysters1119d ago

Surprising close the way their careers kind of went with big name series, innovations and even starting around the same time. Has to Carmack for me - I can't stand MGS. I understand that many people love it, but too slow for me. Give me a BFG and room full of noobs any day.

sarahnade1119d ago

I respect Carmack's CV - for the most part - but he created a legacy that's stagnated with mediocre titles too tied up in multiplayer. Kojima not only pioneered stealth but he has continued to push the envelope release after release.

MGO is one of the only decent stealth-based multiplayer games but it's still managed to stand alone as a solid multiplayer experience without affecting the single player experience.

I know Kojima is the flavour of the month right now but whatever he does next will be universally recognised. He doesn't just wow with superb graphics and gameplay (though that helps), he creates these slightly off-kilter universes and infinitely lovable characters. It doesn't matter what his next game is; It could be a quirky, critical failure but it would still be Kojima and people would adore it either way. Because he's the only one doing what he's doing. And after all these years, he's stayed on brand.

Whatever Carmack releases next will have to contend with a sea of similar titles that do the same shit - just with less heart.

MrSwankSinatra1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Sorry, to burst your bubble but Castle Wolfenstein had stealth WAY before the original Metal Gear even released and if you're referring MGS i'd have you know that Tenchu (a stealth game I might add) came out before the original Metal Gear Solid. So I don't know where you got this farce that Kojima pioneered stealth, because as history has shown, he didn't.

Also Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory did at better job a stealth than any Metal Gear game Kojima has made and lets not even get into comparing MGS to games like Thief & Deus Ex. The way I see it both Kojima and Carmack are overrated, but I take a serious issue when people like you start giving credit to Kojima for things he CLEARLY doesn't deserve the credit for.

freshslicepizza1119d ago

hmm an actual rocket scientist or a guy who has to have his name mentioned over 100 times in mgs5 and his own image on his iphone. which probably has the biggest hard drive to save all those selfies.

PirosThe4th1119d ago

MrSwankSinatra you don't know shit. The original Metal Gear came on the MSX in around 86. He created the genre.

SolidUSP1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Sorry to inform you but the first Castle Wolfenstein came out in 1981 for the Apple II.

Get your facts straight....

zidane13411119d ago

@mrswank: dude just give it a rest. Yes mgs wasn't the first stealth game, almost everybody knows this. But mgs was the first to popularize it. Not to mention one of the first games with a huge story, and the graphics and unique-ness was a game changer. Splinter cell is cool, but it wasn't before metal gear, and wolfenstien, really? Your really going to try to stay that's a stealth game? Give me a break. It's almost universally excepted that Kojima brought the stealth genre forward.

MeltedSOX1119d ago

The first Castle Wolfenstein is in fact a stealth game

Don't get it confused with that run n' gun version that was developed by id Software known as Wolfenstein 3d.

Fun fact: Wolfenstein 3d was originally intended to be a first person stealth game, but most of it's stealth mechanics we're dropped during its alpha stages due to the controls being "too complex" instead it ended up being a simple run n' gun.
Some of these stealth features included dragging bodies, sneaking up on guards and interrogating them, wearing enemy uniforms, avoiding guard dogs since they could recognize you by your odor despite having an enemy uniform, etc.

Be thankful that this first person stealth monster never came be, otherwise your precious MGS series wouldn't been what it is today.

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JsonHenry1119d ago

Carmack gets my vote for the innovation and helping create a whole new genre back in the day. (FPS)

Kojima.. not really sure what all he has done to further the industry. I'm not saying he is unimportant. Just I've never been huge into the Metal Gear series and I started out playing them on the NES. I like them, just not a super fan.

showtimefolks1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Carmack started out well but towards the last decade was just average and a has been

kojima on the other hand made quality titles after quality titles.

Carmack is more of a tech guy than actual game director

but as a gamer both helped move gaming forward

SilentXCaspa1119d ago

I'm sorry but this comparison is a joke. Complete clickbait. Kojima's career was lightyears better than what Carmack will ever be.

_-EDMIX-_1119d ago

or both...

I of them is a programming genius that brought us the FPS, the other put gaming in the modern realm in terms of Hollywood effects FAR ahead of its time.

They both are amazing in their own rights, you do know that both can be revolutionary's right? lol

pompombrum1119d ago

Honestly, for the gaming industry, I'd argue Carmack has it based on legacy. The man created the FPS genre, seeing just how vital the booming popularity of FPS games has been for the industry as a whole, MGS can't hold a candle to that.

Still, I do agree that Kojima is hands down the better developer out of the two. Carmack certainly deserves respect but I personally think Kojima is borderline genius.

deadpoolio3161119d ago

Im sorry but your analysis of Kojima's career is a complete joke....

The guy was an absolute failure at Konami for YEARS, finally being handed Metal Gear so that he would either succeed or give Konami a reason to finally drop him....Annnnd he got extremely lucky, not that ANY of the Metal Gear MSX games have aged well.

He is also a ONE TRICK PONY, Metal Gear Solid is the ONLY game he could manage to make for Konami that was successful, ZOE both flopped to the point that when Konami approached him about making a 3rd after they released the HD collection Kojima said NO....He absolutely DID NOT pioneer stealth, many game before Metal Gear and since Metal Gear do stealth worlds better.

They guy couldn't handle a simple hack and slash so he passed it off to Platinum games after wasting lord knows how much of Konami's money before he decided he couldn't develop the game. Kojima did nothing FACT for Lords of Shadow, Mercury Steam talked at length about how Kojima really had nothing to do with the actual development.

As for MGS V, he started development wasting millions to stop development deciding he wanted to develop his own engine(that to date has only been used ONCE). Then started development years later on MGS V again was given 70 million dollars not including the marketing and still had delay after delay after delay, he didn't even finish the game properly and turned in a game that is probably more repetitive than any game before it...

Konami may not have angels working for them and may have done a lot of stupid things over the years BUT it takes to to tango and every story has two sides, chances are Kojima strained his relationship with Konami just as much if not more than Konami strained their relationship with Kojima....

WilliamUsher1119d ago

Just to correct you on something:

Konami is using the Fox Engine to power the PES games. So it wasn't just "used once" on MGS 5 Ground Zeroes and MGS 5 Phantom Pain.

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OhMyGandhi1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

You really can't compare the two.
One pioneered competitive multiplayer first person shooters, the other broke new ground with the action stealth title. People will also argue that Kojima brought hollywood-like cinematics and storytelling to the masses as well.

Carmack is a programmer, first and foremost. Kojima is a game designer.

I really enjoyed Metal Gear, but I grew up with first person shooters, and Carmack perfected the arena shooter, which I hold highest in regard.

I'd vote for Carmack, though I still think it's hard to compare the two.

I firmly believe that Splinter Cell, while not the first stealth title, did a better job at stealth mechanics then Metal Gear. Kojima had the right ideas with his games, But Sam Fisher controlled more like an actual spy, and his intense array of moves really empowered the player more then any stealth game I've played.

TomRL1119d ago

We're in trouble if Kojima is really "one of the greatest minds in gaming".

_-EDMIX-_1119d ago

Not really, thank him for why voice acting and mo cap are the norm bud.

He already is and his influence can be found and almost ever major AAA title to release. You may not like what he did, but understand what he did regardless of your opinion, revolutionized gaming and was far, far ahead of its time.

Even if you personally didn't like his titles. Your free to have titles with voice, mo cap, stories etc as the norm because of him, in a time where many believed gaming couldn't even be on that level.

We have games that are becoming films now and NOT just the other way around.

Sorry but his impact in gaming is extremely visible.

Imalwaysright1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

As far as creativity goes I can't think of anyone that tops Hideo Kojima in this industry.

The psycho mantis battle for example where he "reads" your memory card and tells the games you've played or having to plug your controller into port 2 to win the fight against him because he can dodge everything you throw at him. Him showing how powerful he was by making your controller rumble. It wasn't just you interacting with the game, the game was in itself interacting with you. 4th wall breaking stuff.

The attention to detail in his games are also mindboggling to the point that you could be on your 10th playthrough and have something surprise you.

Then you have all the great and non cliché characters that he created including the one in your avatar picture which is imo the best and strongest character ever created in a videogame.

To me the man is a genius and a legend in this industry.

As for Carmack, imo he's another legend in this industry. He created the template for the modern FPS and he is the reason why millions of gamers will be enjoying Halo and Battlefront in the next few months. His game: Wolfenstein 3D is that influential.

TomRL1118d ago

The genius part is the part I have a problem with. The man clearly isn't, and his games are B-movies for the most part. It doesn't take a genius to do that. He's also a very bad writer.

kingdomtriggers1119d ago

That moment when someone criticizes Kojima while repping one of his absolute best characters as their profile pic…

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