Suspect Arrested In San Antonio EB Murder

Kotaku writes: "In January 2007 we reported on the murder of Amber Belken, a 24-year-old EB manager for a San Antonio, Texas area EB Games store. Belken entered her store around 9AM on January 29th, 2007 only be be found dead - suffocated with a plastic bag - around 2PM when EB managers arrived on the scene to see why she hadn't been answering the phone. Now, over a year and a half later, police finally have a suspect in custody.

23-year-old Geovany Rivera, recently named to the marshal's 15 most-wanted list, was arrested late last night by the U.S. Marshalls Service at a cousin's house in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Rivera. a former EB Games employee, had long been a suspect in the case, with one witness having told the police that the suspect approached him on the morning before the crime suggesting they rob the store. Homicide detectives applied for a warrant to do DNA test on Rivera this past January after a short black hair had been found near the body."

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THWIP3756d ago

"It should be noted that this particular case resulted in one of the largest rewards in San Antonio's history - $100,000, $95,000 of which was put up from EB Games..."

I wonder if that $95,000 was with, or without an EDGE card? :o