Giant Bomb Review: Unreal Tournament III

GB reports:

''In these days of persistent weapon or ability unlocks, party systems, and pseudo-realism, a first-person shooter like Unreal Tournament 3 feels like a relic from the distant past, when all you needed was a fast-moving game of deathmatch to keep the crowds entertained. While there's something to be said for honing a classic style of gameplay to a sharp point, that doesn't exactly make Unreal Tournament 3 a must-have Xbox 360 game, either. While it throws in a few odds and ends that didn't appear in the other versions, the lack of support for user-created content strips away one of the major things that the series still had going for it. What's left is a decent, but pretty unimpressive first-person shooter.

UT3 is just as multiplayer-focused as its predecessors were. So yes, there's a single-player game, but it's really just a series of matches against bots wrapped around a handful of cutscenes to move it along. The story's pretty goofy this time around, as it's gone from a sport to full-on war. This makes things like Capture the Flag matches seem a little pointless, so the game tries to justify its modes in the context of an actual war by claiming that the flag is really a "Field Lattice Generator" that somehow helps the enemy by allowing them to respawn in the area. It's sort of funny, but the game made more sense when it was a futuristic sporting event.''

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