Nintendo Reveals The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes' Place in Timeline

With the unveiling of the official Legend of Zelda timeline, inevitably, people would wonder where every game falls. The developers of Tri Force Heroes have revealed the game's place in the overall series.

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Kalebninja1125d ago

Why is a stupid fashion based zelda game Canon? Has Nintendo gone mad?

EcoSos31125d ago

The fashion thing doesn't bother me at all but what really makes me mad its that damn multiplayer thing. I can't play a Zelda game with other people my friends won't buy it even if they do we work different hours, thats why I'm not buying it.

xPhearR3dx1123d ago

You do know there's single player right? There's also download and play. If you got 2 friends next to you with 3DS's but they don't own the game, they can still play using your copy. I'm not entirely sure the restrictions, but it says you can play all levels through download and play.

bass4g1124d ago

Who cares what games are/aren't cannon? If it doesn't have an effect on future games then it doesn't matter. The four swords games are also cannon and have a fair amount of zelda mythology tied to them due to minish cap. This game is really only tangentially linked (sorry) so it's even less a part of the timeline. I swear that the internet has collectively forgotten that the four swords games exist.