NVIDIA uncorking PhysX support for GeForce cards on August 12th

Darren Murph writes:

"It's arriving a month later than anticipated, but at least it's arriving (we hope). According to a first look at PhysX on NVIDIA's GeForce cards, The Tech Report is reporting (ahem) that the graphical outfit will dish out new drivers that add PhysX support on August 12th."

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vdesai3756d ago

This is awesome, its going to be amazing, maybe this could lead over too the PS3.

moses3756d ago

Not a chance, the RSX is based off of a 7 series chip, so it wouldn't carry over. Plus the PS3 has the cell to number crunch, why strain it's weaker gpu?

vdesai3756d ago

Ah didn't notice that it said 8 & 9 was wondering why it said geforce twice :P maybe I should read more carefully

BludoTheSmelly3756d ago

Curious to see how performance will improve in my titles.