TotalBattleship - Demo Available Now

Total Battleship is the classic naval strategy turn-based game of Battleship combined with modern warfare. Take part in epic battles with aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, submarines and even seaborn aviation, using the state of art missile technology while deciphering morse code communications!

Apply your best strategy in order to be the first one to seek out and destroy all enemy vessels based on radar clues. Your performance will be tracked by a improved rank and rating score system. As in real life enlisted personnel would be given a commissioning oportunity from Seamen to Admiral of the Fleet while mastering your skills with flotillas, squadrons or fleets.

Entertainment is guaranted since you can either practice against the computer or play against a human opponent. In both of them you have nine different levels of play, by selecting three skill levels and three warships formation highly configurable. Remember that the longer you play against the computer the stronger AI learning capability will get. Playing against a human opponent through Internet has never been so easy. No need to know IP addresses or synchronizing host/join operations, just simply engage TotalBattleship with a Internet Battle and wait for a challenging worldwide player come by. To add even more reallistic atmosphere during gameplay you can chat with built-in morse code!

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