Gameinformer: PAIN Gears Up For Amusement Park Expansion, More

While it's clear that PAIN isn't exactly the most high-brow gaming experience out there, what might surprise nonplayers is just how deep the game actually is. For a game that centers around flinging a hapless character into an environment and watching him flop around for a few seconds, there's plenty to see and do. The downloadable PS3 game is getting a new environment soon, so what better time to chat with Senior Producer Travis Williams and learn more about the update. What can players expect to see in the Amusement Park? How about longer runs, more interactive environments and an all-new minigame, darts? Before that hits, players will get an update that includes a much-needed video editor, which will allow users to upload their greatest hits (and smashes) onto YouTube.

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buckethead_X3778d ago

I play this at my friend's house. Now I'm buying it for five dollars! That's the price of a delicious footlong sub! ^-^