Worthplaying Review: Secret Agent Clank

WP reports:

''Before I put Secret Agent Clank under anesthetic and start dissecting every part of it like the surgeon of cynicism that I am, I think it may be necessary to admit that I have never played a game in the Ratchet and Clank series because from what I gathered, it was quite childish and bordered on the generic in its level design and gameplay. These presumptions were cathartically purged as soon as I started playing Secret Agent Clank, and assuming that this is not a massive leap from the previous titles in the series, it made me regret never having given the series a chance.

Secret Agent Clank for the PSP follows the titular clank through a single-player game in which he, as part of a futuristic James Bond-style secret agency, has to prove the innocence of his partner Ratchet, who has been accused of stealing a rare jewel from a museum. I initially pegged the plot as secondary to the overall game experience, but I was proved wrong once again by Clank's witty remarks and a truly hilarious section near the beginning of the game that featured Captain Quark.

The title feels like a cartoon that has been expertly engineered to fit gameplay elements. The scenes are well thought-out, and the pacing of the story feels like it could have been ripped straight from the television. Any cartoon fan will tell you that the dry humor and sarcasm are akin to the best written comedies; similarly, Secret Agent Clank captures the best of these aspects and makes the game a real joy to play.''

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