Videogamer Review: Braid

Tom Orry writes:

''We've never played a game like this before. Braid looks like just another platformer, albeit an extremely well presented one that could well make "games are art" lovers fall to their knees and cry tears of joy, but it's nothing like you expect. Although a platformer in the most traditional sense, jumping plays second fiddle to the power of time. 1200 MS Points might seem high for an XBLA release but it's a small price to pay for one of the most original games released in years.

Initially it's easy to be impressed by the watercolour backgrounds and the relaxing music. We often long for 2D platformers to make a comeback and Braid is a shining example of taking the classic genre into the modern era from a graphical standpoint. It's so simple yet so beautiful, and that's something I just don't say about games. The last game I played that had a similar effect on me was Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus, putting Braid in very good company indeed. And this is all from the game's title screen.''

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dachiefsman3779d ago

played the trial. It was fun and relaxing.