Eurogamer Review: PixelJunk Eden

Euorgamer reports:

''I hate PixelJunk Eden. It's confusing and frustrating and pretentious and overpriced and dull. I also hate it because I should have started this review two hours ago and I haven't been able to put the Sixaxis down. And now I'm going to be late to meet my Mum. "Why are you late?" my Mum will say. "Because I have been playing a videogame I hate," I will reply. "And yet I find myself compelled to keep playing, like a rat in a laboratory who continues to step on the switch even though 99 times out of a hundred it receives an electric shock instead of a peanut."

"You work too hard," my Mum will say, and secretly wish I'd become a doctor.

I hate PixelJunk Eden. And I can't leave it alone. Let's look at the evidence.''

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TheExecutive3755d ago

I dont get it. I dont play games I hate, and I definitely dont call them addictive. This man seems to be confused.

Fishy Fingers3755d ago

Confused would be the polite way of putting it ;)

callahan093755d ago

My review of his review:

I hate Eurogamer. I hate the stupid opinions of their stupid writers and the stupid way in which they express them. And yet, somehow, I still found myself reading their tripe, just out of some morbid curiosity. Like rubbernecking at the aftermath of a car crash.

Superfragilistic3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Jeff Gertsmann and Giant Bomb weren't big fans either in their podcast. Personally I prefer PixelJunk Monsters much more. Now that's some addictive sh!t :)

ThanatosDMC3755d ago

No, i feel for this reviewer. I hate the game too (played the demo only) but it took me forever to put it down.

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vicheous3755d ago

I have to agree! I don't like this game either!

bunbun7773755d ago

Was it too difficult, too simplified, too colorful, not enough accomplishment? I would love to hear from someone who can actually discuss what is so unagreeable about this game. Thanks!

vicheous3752d ago

I just don't like it! I think it's a better game for my 13 year old sister than me and my 32 years!

bunbun7773755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I have to repeat this paragraph, in the hopes that it may shed some light on the thinking processes inherent in this author's deranged melon.

"That's not what's confusing. What's confusing is the game's wild and carefree disdain for consistency, and the way it throws its head back and laughs in the face of the laws of physics. Many jumps are hard to judge, because the game seems to decide whether your character will make them based on how it's feeling at precisely that moment in time. A plant that looks impossibly far away might be easily reachable, and vice versa. So you're left confused about what your character's capable of, which routes through the level are feasible and why these two aspects appear to change on a moment-to-moment basis."

Confused about what??!! That the game arbitrarily just decides how the gameplay is? Could it be that the sensation of floating and making incredible jumps is based on how fast and at what direction you are traveling at the moment of release? Could it be it has to do with the wind elements in the game? Oh no, my gameplay has been altered beyond enjoyable because I am confused of what my character is capable of! Wahhhhh Wahhhhh!

This piece is a JOKE. It's like listening to a socially inept person's attempt to review a new dance move, not being able to dance, but not being able to stop trying. If the song is that good, the beat so nice, your feet will know what to do, those hips don't need too much training.

Let me get this straight- Not only is he bashing a (gasp) exclusive game, but a damn fine one- I wanted to believe in some EMO-inspired way he was trying to set himself apart from the pack by bashing the gameplay in such a way as to admit that it was new, solid, and fun---but no he gives it a 7/10. Rubbish. This author is a WEDGE, one of the most boring and pitiful tools in the box.

Harry1903755d ago

I am not very good at this game. I find it hard.

omni_atlas3755d ago

Eurogamer= morons that are M$ happy. Someone find me one positive exclusive game on the PS3 that has pleased them??

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