Your easy guide to Soul Calibur IV body types


"The Character Creator in SoulcaliburIV is lots of fun, but the boring X/Y body type graph with meaningless pluses and minuses just isn't clear enough. So here is a handy chart that better illustrates the range of bodies you can create, with easy-to-understand "real world" examples at the four extremes. Remember, it's a sliding scale, so if you only want a 70% Porn Star, you can do that!

Male chart and gratuitous bikini pics of all ten archetypes after the jump."

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Truplaya3721d ago

thats pretty funny, gonna make a 70% porn star, 30% amazon tonight!

Masko3721d ago

if any girl want a soul calibur body overnight...just hop in my bed tonight lol

IC Weiner3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Now if only I can get into a f-ing online match.