Who Has The Most Exclusives In 2008?

Quicksave writes:

"With's 'Exclusives Watch 2008', we're going to take a look at how many console platform exclusives could be found on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii in the 2008 calendar year.

Who has the most exclusives?
Who has the least?
And who's exclusively supporting what?

A few simple questions, but not a single one has been definitively answered. It's not 100% accurate yet, but with time and the help of keen eyed gamers out there, we're hoping to get them all."

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Chuck Norris3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

They've left out a few games; other than that, it's a good list.
Star Ocean 4(360 - most likely timed), NBA 09(PS3), Tekken(PS3), Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli(PS3), and some other obscure games released in Japan.

Also, a couple of games getting a re-release this year with updated contents: Unreal Tournament 3(360), Eternal Sonata(PS3), and Bioshock(PS3).

el_bandito3754d ago

And the Wii spanks all competition again!

....for having the most exclusives not worth owning.

rhood0223754d ago

SO 4 doesn't come out until Spring 2009.

This list is looking at exclusives from Jan-Dec 2008.

Saigon3754d ago

Exactly, and this is the reason why this is the year of the PS3. It does not matter the amount of games coming out its the quality. The sad thing is that early 2009 is the same way for sony, they have several qulity games coming out.

HighDefinition3754d ago

Is this artical getting so HOT so FAST.

On topic:

SONY-2009 even more than 2008.

solidt123754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Sony Wins when it comes to first party Exclusives. I wonder how many of those 360 exclusives are arcade games?

Sayai jin3754d ago

Another article for flaming. How about this. I will have the most and best exclusives through this entire gen of games, because I own all three systems. I mean everyone will go back and forth with this no matter what the truth is, but gamers who own the 360, PS3, and yes even the Wii (multiple consoles) really do not care, because they have the option of getting the all! Marinate on that one. While we will go broke buying all the games we are guaranteed to get the best games.

Megatron083754d ago

I wont say they didnt leave any games out but as for the games you listed other then NBA I dont think any of them will be out in 08 and the article is for 08 games only.

Its no surprise the wii has the most however its pretty easy to dismiss the wii's exclusives as they are 99% crap.

TVC153754d ago

they separate the downloadable games with the actual games

so unless you can't read a graph, your question is retarded

CrazzyMan3754d ago

it`s NOT about Quantaty, it`s about Quality and games that YOU care.
one MGS4 game can be better for a guy, then 10 x360 exclusives, and vice versa, GeoW2 may be better for another guy, then 10 ps3 exclusives.
It`s all about preference. =)

deeznuts3754d ago

This is a list made in the US so of course obscure US games make the list, which favors the 360.

What about worldwide? What about Japan, etc.

power of Green 3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

There is no timed exclusive deal with SO4, the devs are simply not making a PS3 version(right now if ever).

Tekken is going to be multi platform(maybe, I read something but it gets blocked by PS3 fans every time).

There are other exclusives missing on the 360 side, I do not know whats coming for PS3 so I can't comment but SO4 is a 2009 game hence why it was not on the list although I'm assuming you brought up SO4 because you wanted to mention PS3 fans theories.

Where is the PC list? I guess they should have added all the Console exclusiuve then and not just platform exclusives(or some of them).

The year of the PS3 was/is an myth as it always is.

Real Gambler3753d ago

Isn't that game being released this month too?

sumfood4u3753d ago

Answer is Gameboy Pea Green is making an exclusive comeback!

foodbox3753d ago

"The year of the PS3 was/is an myth as it always is"

Aint that the truth. The numbers dont lie. The Xbox 360 has been owning the PS3 all year in quality and sales, yet here on alternate-SDF-reality-N4G, somehow its not.

Even when presented with neutral data -- like this damn article -- the SDF is saying "oh, it shouldnt count... blah blah blah".

Its amazing these people go to such great lengths to fight reality.

2008 Yet another great Xbox 360 year. PS3? Not so much, how was Haze again....?

godofthunder103753d ago

I said this a while back when ps3 fanboys was saying that the ps3 has more exclusives then the rest and i said they are wrong,then they said i didn't know what i was talking about.

1 ps3 fanboy said and i quote "It does not matter the amount of games coming out its the quality"unqoute.The truth is that the 360 has more exclusives then the ps3 and they are just as good and the wii has more then both of them.

I'm not a fanboy for any system and i think that all 3 are great systems.The fact is that anyone that claims that the ps3 has better exclusives then the 360 this year is a bias fanboy.How can anyone look at the list and honestly say that the ps3 has better exclusives for 08.

They have about 3 games in the list for the ps3 that wasn't worth a crap,as a matter of fact they got bad rateings.The ps3 has some good ones like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue,Metal Gear Solid4,Resistance 2.The 360 has fable 2,gow2,Tales of Vesperia,Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant,Lost Odyssey,Ninja Gaiden II.

I'm tired of hearing this system or that system has better graphics then the other.when i buy a game i don't buy it for graphics i buy it for the story and game play.The wii proved that the majority of people don't care about graphics and i'm one of them.

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yankespawn3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

xbox 360

even i am a ps3 fanboy and i think 360 has more exclusives . so much to choose from. i wish ps3 had this much. but ps3 is still better, theres a reason it cost more!

red_ring_of_death3754d ago

stop please
almost all 360 games are coming out on all console

Common Sense3754d ago

and you know what? You can have them.

Quality always > Quantity.

Gears 2 and Resistance > Entire nintendo line up combined.

Common Sense3754d ago

You didn't even that 75% of the games on the 360's list even exist. Do you know why? People only care about quality titles (with the exception of Wii owners- they will buy manure if it's called a game).

Quality/promising titles for 360- SOE4, Gears 2, Fable 2, Tales of Vesperia, Too human and Infinte Undiscovery

Quality/Promising titles for PS3- Resistance 2, LBP, Valkyria Chronicles, Socom Confrontation, Motorstorm 2 and White Knight Story.

abcdog10003754d ago

but ps3 has the most quality games

AngryXbot3753d ago

98% of the games shown on that article for the 360 are not even worth RENTING let alone buying.

Trash is trash. If Kaz Hirai tells the Sony computer division to pump out 1900 flashbased games, than Sony would crush that article. But that doesnt mean all those 1900 games are worth owning.

Gamers like me are only interested in the best of the best. Aka games like Flower, Socom, Fat princess and Siren.

Xbots getting delusional and twisting facts?

KBDuB3753d ago

You're a funny dude. =)

foodbox3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )


"stop please - almost all 360 games are coming out on all console "

Are you retarded? Can you read?


Xbox 360 has **more** exclusives (both disc and download) than PS3.


And, to all the "its quality vs. quanitty" Sony Defence Force cry-babies; Xbox 360 exclusives have **CONSISTENTLY** had higher Metacritic averages than PS3 exclusives.

Xbox 360 exclusives are better quality than PS3 exclusives. Goto metacritic and see for yourself. You people are just talking out of your arse.

1.1 cant read the article, and refuses to accept that the Xbox 360 has more (dload and disc) exclusives.

The rest of you seem to pretend that Metacritic easily shows you that Xbox 360 games are superior quality as well(!) -- and, cross platform titles are better too!

You people are ridiculous -- and this site is just worthless because you SDF idiots cant accept reality: Xbox 360 has both the MOST and the BEST games.

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solidsnakus3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

wow. once again 360 wins? looks like 2008 is the year of the 360, just like 2007 and 2006 and 2005.

yankespawn3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

i am a loyal ps3 fanboy

and i have to admit 2008 is the years of the 360. Maybe 2009 will be ours?!?

quality over quanity! PS3 has more quality. but am scared MS will buy our games and bring them multiplatform !! we should all be scared...

rhood0223754d ago

So..360 wins cause it has more games coming out?

Does that mean it also looses because it will have a higher ratio of crap games as well?

solidsnakus3754d ago

you act like you are forced to buy the crap games. remember lair and haze? both of those were once reguarded as "AAA" titles LOL.

MazzingerZ3754d ago

LOL from the PS3 list I only found 2 I'm NOT interested the X360 list I only found 2 I'm interested in...Gears 2 and Fable 2 and everybody knows that that's all the X360 is about this x-mas

You know that, don't play fool, the PS3 line-up is rock solid...if the X360 line-up was good they wouldn't be cutting the price

solidsnakus3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

what are you talking about? the only ps3 titles im picking up this year are LBP and R2. quest for booty, but thats not a retail game.360 games im getting are GeOW2,Fable2, infinite U,too human, and defenetly last remnant.
oh shure dont be a hipocrite here lol, you act like the ps3 60 gig didnt get lowerd from 600 to 450 in LESS than ONE YEAR!!

Liquid Dust3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Solidsnakus, compile a list of games for 360 on a rating scale of (bad>ok>good>great) for upcoming releases, and you will realize that the "greats" and "goods" are much greater for the PS3, but I have a feeling that you will have blind ignorance and extreme bias in your response anyways

PS3 Exclusives non PSN:
Resistance 2>great
Hot Shots>good
Disgea 3>good

XBOX 360 exclusives non arcade:
Gears 2>great
Fable 2>great
Ninja Gaiden 2>good
Last Remnant>OMIT, timed exclusive
Tales of Vesperia>good
Too Human>good

solidsnakus3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

whats so great about ps3 line up anyways? im pretty pissed off at my ps3 purchase so far the only games ive boughten are uncharted and MGS4. ive had a ps1 and ps2 in the past with many games for them. but honestly the 360 has won me over this gen. sony is really trieng my patience here with countless delays, lackluster game library and im getting really annoyed of waiting for decent titles. you know sony is defenetly doing something wrong this gen when the ps3 only has 1 JRPG in its whole library 2 years after it launches.(and its a game that was on 360 earlier)

EDIT. well yea i agree some games on the ps3 are good but there just not my cup of tea. as ive said before the only games im looking forward to purchasing on the ps3 are LBP and R2, KZ2 which was delayed to next year :'( i honestly dont have any intention on getting anything else on your list.

Liquid Dust3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I understand if some games arnt your cup of tea, but you should still be able to recognize when games that have been released are great and the ones that have yet to be released will be hits. Halo isnt my cup of tea, but i understand why it is a great game and why many people enjoy it.

callahan093754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

If you really analyze this thing, you'll see that most of the 360 exclusives that are coming out this year are already out. 360 had a large number in these first 7 months, while PS3 had very few. The rest of the year shows that the 360 and PS3 have about the same number of exclusives coming out (at least, if you don't count the myriad 360 titles that haven't had any cocnrete release date verified yet... I count them more in the same boat as the numerous PS3 titles that have been solidified for a Q1-Q2 release in 2009)

Not to mention the difference between quantity & quality, by the way (which is of course based all on opinions)

Blitzed3754d ago

Yet another rabid fanboy pretending to be a fanboy of the console he hates in some dillusional attempt at spin. This site gets sadder everyday.

CrazzyMan3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Ok, exclusives and timed exclusives for rest 2008(usa-europe):

1. Resistance 2 - FPS
2. Little Big Planet - Platformer
3. Socom Confrontation - TPS
4. Afrika - Animal Sim
5. Valkyria Chronicles - TRPG
6. Motorstorm:Pacific Rift - Racing
7. Naruto: Ultimate Storm - Fighting/Adventure
8. Disgaea 3 - TRPG
9. Siren New Translation - Horror
10. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty - Platfrom

1. Gears 2 - TPS
2. Fable 2 - RPG
3. Banjo Nuts and Bolts - Racing/Platform
4. Tales of Vesperia - JRPG
5. Infinite Undiscovery - JRPG
6. Too Human - ARPG
7. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Family
8. Naruto: Broken Bonds - Fighting/Adventure
9. Race Pro - Racing

PC multiplatform games:
Agency - MMO TPS
Left 4 Dead - TPS
Last Remnant - JRPG

potenquatro3754d ago

I use to feel frustrated with the ps3 too. I know it sounds cliche but, we just gotta give it time to grow. Whenever u get tired of waiting, turn on ur 360 or pc. Thats the whole point of having multiple consoles right?

GiantEnemyCrab3754d ago

Liquid Dust, what you think is good someone else might think is crap. So it is completely subjective. This article is looking at the few things that can be measured.

Unreal_Liquid_Jonte3754d ago

Sorry but Afrika is not coming to europe :(

Liquid Dust3754d ago

i am aware of what the article was stating, i agree with the article completely since numbers never lie, i was merely responding to a post of another N4G member's opinion, solidsnakus.

Lord Vader3754d ago

LOLz @ the Sony Fanboyz defending their sacred god !

f7897903753d ago

Nobody buys a console for Geometry Wars. I want to see an actual list without those and the obvious crap titles.

MazzingerZ3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )


Agree. Besides, XBL and PSN don't offer the same type of digital content anymore, over the PSN you find not just Arcade-like games but also games like Warhawk, GT5P, SIREN:BC and soon SOCOM:Confrontation and Wipeout HD...SONY is really pushing forward digital distribution of games...for instance, SIREN is 9 GB so it wouldn't fit in a normal DVD

Wipeout HD should be listed among exclusives like R2, LBP,'s not a PSP port but the real deal.

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Egzekutor3754d ago

XBOX 360 could even have 1 million exclusives..
So what if most if not played by anyone, most of those games are left in the corner. No one wants them, no one buys them.

PS3 game library is smaller but better. Its the quality that counts not quantity ;).

foodbox3753d ago


Xbox 360 games *vastly* outsell PS3 games.

Do you people even pretend to live on planet earth?

Kameo 650k
R&C: Tools of Destruction 1.26m
Viva Pinata 1.41m
Haze 360k
Crackdown 1.47m
Lair 350k
MGS 4 2.69m
Gears of War 5.19m

WHAT THE FCUK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Xbox 360 games outsells PS3 games by leaps and bounds.

No one is playing PS3 games -- that is clear by the SALES numbers.

socomnick3754d ago

Are you stupid or did you just choose to not read the story.

ukilnme3754d ago

@ socomnick

LOL, no need for name calling. If I had to take a guess I would say that he or she did not read the story. So I gues that means...

InMyOpinion3754d ago

That's the type of denial N4G is known for lol!