Why Every Guy Should Buy Their Girlfriend Nintendo DS

If you were one of the six million people who watched the YouTube mania related to the Wii Fit, you probably crossed your fingers hoping to hear that Nintendo managed to cast a spell and somehow create a DS balance board. That's not the deal, but this does not mean that the DS can't have its own "a must for girlfriends" game – this time we're talking about a title developed by Sega in collaboration with Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido – "Project Beauty".

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Silogon3418d ago

The more and more I think about it, video games fastly becoming just like all that junk you see on late night adverts and infomercials. junk no one would buy if

A - They weren't alone and desperate for something tangible in their lives
B - Had went to bed sooner
C - Got one as a gift
D - Saw one sitting at Walgreens under the "as seen on tv" sign

Videogames are becoming junk! They're coming up with new junk to sell people who meet all the criteria I listed above and that's sad.

ice_prophecy3418d ago

You have to realise that there is great diversity in our populations. It's about time that some of us realise that we may not be in the target audience for many games any more. As trends change, people change, and so do fashion and fads. :)

A "gamer" is a fluid term that is going to ever change.

Roleplayer3417d ago

kinda agree - - games mostly aimed at kids/teens nowadays - sad.

PS360WII3418d ago

I think they need to make an article saying Why Every Guy Should Buy a DS.

That makes more sense really :)

iceman28853418d ago

Or is that picture really suggesting what I think it is?

Tetsuryu3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

That's exactly what I was thinking.

EvilJoey3417d ago


White Matter on a pretty Asian Girls Face...

Shame on u both! LOL

BLuKhaos3417d ago

BUKAKE!!! lol someone had to say it.

rockleex3416d ago

She wants to put make up on her private parts instead?

Its a camera, you can aim it anywhere. I wonder what kind of make-up they would suggest for other parts of your body? -_-"