Coghlan; "Havok Microsoft deal does not affect Sony"

From PS3 Attitude: "After some reports that Sony may lose the latest versions of the Havok middleware engine, due to a new agreement with Microsoft, we spoke to David Coghlan at Havok about the claims.

David is Havok's Vice President of Development and he was more than happy to squash the rumours that their deal with Microsoft would harm Sony or the PS3 platform in any way..."

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Silogon3755d ago

That website looks about as credible as a check cashing/car title loan place. No thanks.

DolphGB3755d ago

...but regardless, we just spoke with David (we know Havok after having featured the first videos of their Cloth and Destruction modules last year) and that quote is genuine.

Most people at N4G know PS3 Attitude - do a search for us and check out the long list of factual news we report daily.

krakdol3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Still much more credible than the 1000s of websites bought by Microsoft to tell crap like "MGS4 is coming" or "Havok will be MS only".

Stop being a fanboy, Silogon, just be a gamer.

SL1M DADDY3755d ago

Nothing wrong with the site. Their information is very credible and this is just a good bit of relief from the fanboy stuff hitting the web about Sony losing Havok.

Real Gambler3755d ago

So you think that if people make a game engine, it would also make sense to license it exclusively to one business? No matter if it's Unreal, Havok, Crysis, the more people use their game engines, the more money they make. Buying a license to use an engine will not give you exclusivity, it will only give your the right to use the engine in your games. Microsoft would have to buy the company to get get exclusivity. But they won't because it would only give them exclusive access to ONE engine while tons are currently available for Nintendo and Sony. Not good business sense. And they would likely have to concentrate on this engine for all their future games. Trust me, Gears will still use Unreal, even if they would buy Havok...

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titntin3755d ago

Perfectly credible source.

...and a no brainer. Anyone who who tried to infer any differently from a simple licensing agreement, was obviously delusional at best, or just plain 'troll baiting for hits' at worst.

thereapersson3755d ago

They will jump over any opportunity to bash another system, even if it means twisting obvious fact into some other fallacy to suit their needs

green3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I am no professional but from all i gather it just means that the Havok engine will be included in the dev kits of 360's, which in turn will reduce game development cost's because you don't have to start obtaining a separate license and tool kit's from havok.

But if your making a multiplat 360/PS3 game, then you would have to get the license and tool kits from Havok for the PS3 version, further increasing the difference in dev costs between the PS3 and 360 when havok utilization is concerned.

EDIT: This might not matter to big publishers like EA and Ubisoft since they have their own licensing agreement with Havok, but will make a difference to the smaller studios.

N4G professionals feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

Bolts3755d ago

That makes perfect sense.

Ashta3755d ago

Considering that Havok's tools are free (at least the binary is) I don't know exactly how much more obtaining a license would actually cost for a PS3 dev kit, but I'm sure that if Microsoft has sought a deal with Havok to cut out the red-tape nonsense then I expect Sony to start filing for a similar agreement as well.

Captain Tuttle3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Good post...makes sense.

fire233755d ago

Yup that is exactly what they are doing. I am really suprised that they had not done it along time ago. Nowadays everything is sub licensed. For example both Sony has Havok in their dev kit already and 3rd party engines like Unreal or Cry Engine 2 have a physics engine in it.

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coolfool3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Yes Havok is a good engine, yes it is used by many games but is it the be all an end all of physics? Hardly. Say havok was wiped off the planet now, I'd wager that other companies would replace it fairly quickly and fairly competently. And it is just an engine after all, it doesn't mean great games just because developers use it. It is the creative use of engines that really makes the difference.

Anyway I feel like I am kind of stating the obvious. In my mind there is no way that Havok would be anything other than multi-platform. Think of how much they would limit their customer base by if they were.

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