Guitar Hero Live Initial Impressions

Mike @HD8bit "I picked up my copy of Guitar Hero Live on launch day. I've spent a few hours with it so far and have enjoyed it thoroughly. There are multiple improvements from the prior Guitar Hero games. These are my initial thoughts and opinions."

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MilkMan946d ago

I would pick it up, but Rock Bad 4 left a sour taste in my mouth and wallet. So guess not.

Baka-akaB946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Just out of curiosity what troubled you in rb4 ? Mind you i'm a bit miffed with some still missing feature and content , and a few things to fix ... but remain positive thus far

MilkMan946d ago

Here what is bugging me about RB4.
The options are way more limiting than even RB3. There is incredible lag to the point of freezing for seconds at a time which in a game like this means I fail, because while I cant do a thing (cause I'm frozen) the song keeps playing.

I miss notes on my guitar like crazy. Even when I KNOW I hit it right on the nose I miss notes. I've even put the game on no fail mode and simply strummed like crazy hoping to hit notes and I miss them.

The legacy DLC is broken to hell. Songs I know I purchased, they are asking for paying and songs I never bought are free.

Also there are many songs that simply aren't there.

The solos are nice, but basically I cant play the game, its broken. So it sits there collecting dust.

Also I was always a fan of RB over the Guitar Hero series but from what I read and seen it seems Harmonix rested on their laurels and the Guitar Hero crew, took some chances and it paid off in dividends.

Another fail for Harmonix since truth be told as I played the little that I could I realized that this was almost the same game as RB3.

Baka-akaB946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

I see , not good for you obviously .

I'm ok thus far , i've had to literally track down tracks in the deep hell of manual searching into the PS store , but i'm ok ...

I'm only missing a few songs they no longer have licenses for , and the RB 1-3 original songs and bonus pack , not yet added and supported .

I do want them to patch in some things , asap , like online play ... but i havent experienced yet gamebreaking features or a cause to regret the purchase .

Of course if i had no legacy dlc , or if i coulnt access them , it would be a different story , with the rb4 retail list only having a few songs that grabs me . So i kinda get your pov .

HD8bit946d ago

I'm sorry about your trouble with RB4. It's the worst when you spend a bunch of money on something and then it doesn't work correctly. I've been playing some more Guitar Hero today and have been having a ton of fun again! I recommend it, but maybe what you'll want to do it wait until after Christmas until the price goes down a little bit so you can take less of a risk when you get it. I will tell you this though, the Guitar Hero TV is awesome! There's so many songs to play and they claim they are going to continue adding to the list! Hope that helps!
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Baka-akaB946d ago

Good for you . I don't like what i've seen of the game , like i've said multiple times . It just aint for me , and i've already in too deep with the rival franchise .

But it's definitively needed to lit the fire under Harmonix and keep them straight