IGN's The Worst Games on Virtual Console: Part 1

Cam Shea writes for IGN AU:

"Finding bad games on Nintendo's Virtual Console service isn't hard; the damn thing's riddled with them. Looking over the selection you could be forgiven for thinking that the range is the result of a work experience kid screw up. 'Oops, Mr Miyamoto - I accidentally uploaded a completely random selection of games! Stupid Mitchell, stupid!' No attention seems to have been paid to appropriateness or quality control. It'd be funny if it wasn't so depressing.

With such a grab bag of crap we had plenty to choose from and ultimately chose ten games that haven't just aged badly, but were terrible to begin with. Ten games that are so removed from modern entertainment and such poor value for money that they left us scratching our heads in disbelief.

Here are the first five, but sadly, because the VC service doesn't have a demo system, you won't be able to share in our pain and incredulity. Under no circumstances - even as a joke - are you to buy these games. To do so would be a crime against gaming.

Let the sarcastic italics-fest begin!"

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