Battlefield: Bad Company - Conquest Mode is now available

If you hop on Xbox Live (and maybe PSN) right now, you can grab the Conquest mode as free DLC. Dash text :

An old friend returns! The Conquest game mode was hugely popular in previous Battlefield games and now sees its addition to DICE's latest blockbuster. Download the Conquest Pack for Battlefield: Bad Company for free and battle it out on four modified maps from the core game. In Conquest mode, the aim is to reduce the opposing team's tickets to zero. Killing an enemy soldier depletes one ticket per kill, whilst capturing control points on the map causes enemy tickets to count down. See you on the Battlefield soldier!

Did I mention its free? Go get it.

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therealwillie3635d ago

Its up on the psn aswell.... downloading now!

3635d ago
lento3635d ago

nice! gotta get it when i get home from work

JsonHenry3635d ago

Sweet, gonna go dl it from PSN right now.

dachiefsman3635d ago

sweet i can't wait to download it from PSN and Xbox live.

ThanatosDMC3634d ago

They should have had this from the start! I missed it so much. Too easy to destroy those gold containers.

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Kilzombie3635d ago

does this download include bug fixes?

Karebear3635d ago

The headphone mic bug is just embarrassing. This game would be my current favourite if I could just TALK to people.

dachiefsman3635d ago

i personally like it. I have been using live pre-360 and as time has progressed more id10ts have made their way onto live. Anonymity has no repercussions on Xbox live.

Lil kids are the worse.

bizzyb0t3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

You'd think they'd have at least tried to fix some of the issues that have been present since the DEMO. Like that guys said, this would be my favorite game if I could talk to people and know that they could hear me.

Am I the only guy to yell into the mic at your squad-mate-- "Hey, wait for me!!", as they speed off solo, in a tank that is a sitting duck without gunners?

Or you're sniping and the enemy is sneaking around, you can't take them all out but you can't give your squad a heads up to let them know they're being flanked? That is REALLY frustrating.


im dl the update right now!!everyone i know is leaving COD4 for BAAAAAAAAAD COMPANY,its just ACTION,ACTION,ACTION!ONLINE INSANITY!!!!

Bladestar3635d ago

call me crazy... but I completely avoided this game because of the single player demo... COD4 spoiled me... now unless a game surpasses COD4 I'm not really interested... I though that the destructive environment was cool and all... but I feel this game is missing something...

ThichQuangDuck3635d ago

compared to MC it is pretty bad and no new maps or remade maps Im trading this in for a headset

cwir3635d ago

what do you talking about no remade maps?? all maps were remade to this mode. and it's much better than gold rush in my opinion

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