Do video games make kids smarter?

Do video games make kids smarter? Experts are looking for answers and Pima County libraries are part of the test. Pima County's Quincie Douglas branch isn't just a quiet place anymore. Wednesday afternoons teens and preteens rock out to video games like Karaoke and Guitar Hero.

The American Library Association wants to know if it's making Tucson kids smarter. Pima County's library system is one of a dozen in the country participating in a study to find out if video games improve literacy.

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f7897903779d ago

as for shooters, I doubt it.

el_bandito3779d ago

I can't remember any instance where I played a video game for the purpose of enhancing my intelligence. Gaming is all for fun.

I suggest you could take some time off gaming, go outside, relax then boom! You just learned that you have a life outside of video games.

shazam3779d ago

If the game has any kind of puzzle in it than it will. And some shooters have puzzles in them like hl2.

yamamoto1143779d ago

These libraries have to be kidding me if they think playing Guitar Hero will increase intelligence. Guitar Hero is purely a reflex game. Anything that involves problem solving (Half-Life 2, most RTS games, the more complex RPG's) will develop intelligence, but not GUITAR HERO.

These libraries aren't gonna get anywhere.

ice_prophecy3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Not if it detracts away from homework time. Does games make kids smarter? Maybe? Maybe not?

What it does do, is take away time from doing studies. Smart kids don't necessarily get far in life. Even with all the intelligence one may have, if they dont use it or practice it, then even they can become a hikikomori(someone who doesn't contribute to society and is self isolated).

To get far in life, you really only need an average intelligence, and lots of hard work. Splash in a bit of luck if you will.

shazam3779d ago

Even a total idiot can get far in life, Steve Ballmer being a prime example.

Kratos Spartan3779d ago

video games turns kids into serial killers. where have these people been?

Harry1903779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

made me less stupid,but then,I played ET just to see what the fuss was about and I was back to Square One.

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The story is too old to be commented.