Zelda U Info Coming This November

RashBandicoot: "Open world The Legends of Zelda game on the Wii U is getting some info this November."

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Kalebninja785d ago

Ugh finally some information. I need this game already.

3-4-5784d ago

I wouldn't mind if they just moved it to NX.

It would give it a chance to be better than we've ever imagined because we'd be coming from Skyward Sword and not the Wii U version.

New specs = better looking game that can allow you to do more.

Also with the extra time there is more time to refine and add the story.

wonderfulmonkeyman784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

I would prefer that they keep Zelda U on Wii U, and make a whole new Zelda for NX that is built from the ground up.
That way we get a Zelda that takes full advantage of the NX, instead of a port that started elsewhere. [I got enough of that BS out of third parties on Wii U as it is; I'd prefer that Nintendo didn't copy their mistake.]

Plus, each system has had its own Zelda game, so there's no reason why the Wii U shouldn't, as well.
Even thought TP was cross-platform, its follow-up game on the Wii, Skyward Sword, went right back to the traditional method of being only on one platform.
TP was an exception, not the rule, so I highly doubt they'll revisit the TP situation by making Zelda U a cross-platform release.

Both Wii U and NX deserve their own Zelda games built from the ground up.

smashman98781d ago

I semi disagree I dont mind if the do a cross platform release but if they cnub all the wii u owners who have been waiting for this ever since auonoma started talking about this in 2011 ish then that wouldn't be cool

pcz784d ago

they should cancel it for the wiiu and make it an NX launch title.

releasing it on wiiu is commercial suicide

AKR784d ago (Edited 784d ago )


Hyrule Warriors — which is simply a SPIN-OFF — sold 1+ million units.

Wind Waker HD — a REMAKE — sold 1+ million units.

If these two 'special' titles can sell over a million a units, then what on earth could be stopping the brand-new Zelda; the first home-console release since Skyward Sword in 2011, from doing the same, if not more?

If you're going to troll, at least try and make *some* sense.

Nevers0ft783d ago

Even though there's only about 10 million Wii U's out there, the adoption rate for games like Zelda, Mario Kart etc etc is so ridiculously high that Nintendo will still be rolling in money with Zelda on Wii U.

-Foxtrot785d ago

Info is to tell us there is more info coming next year

LOL_WUT784d ago

I hope so man Nintendo needs to make it happen ;)

Erik7357785d ago

Watch the info be a cancellation and announcement of nx lol

fungusar784d ago

why should the cancel it when the wii U sold 10 mil, and who say the NX will sell any better?

styferion784d ago

NX launch title confirmed lol

Perjoss784d ago

It would make sense, Zelda is a system seller so it always boggles my mind that Nintendo lately seems to release Zelda games close to the end of a consoles life cycle.

The WiiU should have launched with key franchises on day 1 or at least within the first 2 months, games like Starfox (a good one), Zelda, a new Mario Galaxy, METROID should have their development scheduled to help launch a new console.

Doodleburger784d ago

They clearly have no idea how to do business in this decade. Crap online play, no unified account, launching a system with a confusing name, lack of follow up software, the list goes on.

TheUndertaker85784d ago

They had a Zelda game before the launch of the WiiU.

According to Ninty diehards it was all just a tech demo, auctioning off the WiiU with things it was never going to achieve.

wonderfulmonkeyman784d ago

Hopefully NOT.

I'd prefer to see a Zelda built from the ground up for both NX and Wii U.
That way we KNOW that we'll be getting the best that each system can offer in their first attempt at an original Zelda title, rather than a carried-over port.

As I said above, TP was the exception, not the rule; Skyward Sword was Wii exclusive, after all.
No reason to think they'll stray away from the exclusive route that pretty much all Zeldas have followed outside of TP.

MikleDemi784d ago

And the news is, this will be released for both the NX and the Wii U.

The Wii U is to Nintendo what the PS Vita is to Sony.

stragomccloud784d ago

Except Nintendo is still releasing content.

TheUndertaker85784d ago

And yet in most places the Vita is moving more than the WiiU. Even in Japan.

Concertoine784d ago


Wrong. Japan is the only place the Vita routinely outsells the Wii U, it just does good enough over there to make up for how bad it does elsewhere. Japan is pretty much keeping the Vita alive.

But at least the Vita has something, wii u has no where.

MSBAUSTX784d ago


And how does the vita shape up against the 3DS? Or are you only wanting to talk about Ninty failings?

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