First SoCom Confrontation gameplay

Video shows gameplay footage of SoCom Confrontation.

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Silogon3576d ago

Nice video, I think they used too much ... I don't know, white maybe?

Prismo_Fillusion3576d ago

Remember kids, think before you post!

Tarasque3576d ago

Ok well as it stands this is not bringing anything new to table and also it looks like a blatant ripoff off another game, you know which one. But i will still check it out for my love of online play.

Jandre023576d ago

Of SOCOM 2? Seriously, I would love to know what you are talking about.

Kleptic3576d ago

I really hope he is talking about CoD 4...that would be too funny...

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Chandresh Patel3576d ago

This along with MAG will be pretty sweet Playstation 3 shooter Exclusives

Tarasque3576d ago

Leave mag out of this until another couple of years when it is closer.

Jandre023576d ago

Just because it wasn't announced doesn't mean it hasn't been in development for awhile (awhile meaning a few years).

supahbad3576d ago

2.1- please leave your fanboyism out of your comments

lodossrage3576d ago

But too much "face" time with the person that was playing the game if you know what I mean.

When I was watching I was like "get your face off the screen and go back to showing game footage"

goomba3576d ago

it must be awkward playing a game when a person with a camera is 2 inches from your face recording you

CBaoth3576d ago

Please tell me the majority of the ranked matches have no respawn. It removes almost all of the tactical skill involved. It used to be pretty effin impressive to have a 6-7 kill streak in Socom - no regenerating health, no cheap perks like choppers/air strikes to boost kills, etc... Just you and your wits N aim. Snatching victory away from the opposing team, getting congratulated in the next round, all good stuff. Hope they didn't deviate from the formula. Well, at least I don't to worry about noobs in tanks anymore.

tweaker3576d ago

All rank rooms have respawn disabled. This was confirmed in the blog for some time now.

Kyur4ThePain3576d ago

I'm not sure why anyone would disagree with you, unless the tosser knows nothing about Socom.

Perpetual respawning is what turned me off of COD. It's stupid. It makes people just run and gun with no plan or tactics involved and I hate it.

Give me Socom, where one mistake takes out for the rest of the round.

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The story is too old to be commented.