Edge: Braid Review

Braid remains a beautiful and brilliantly demanding game that barely contains its dense population of ideas, taking its place alongside Geometry Wars and Pac-Man Championship Edition as one of the finest original titles available on Live Arcade.

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RealityCheck3778d ago

It's very original, sets it apart from the clones.

DaKid3778d ago

The game IMO was well worth the price they asked for it. I would say download the demo atleast, this game is very unique. It just has the special feeling from start to finish.

THWIP3778d ago

...Except for the blatant Mario/Donkey Kong ripoffs. I still can't believe they actually used the venus flytrap in the green sewer pipe...just pathetic. And don't tell me it's an "homage"...I'm sure the guys who made Limbo of the Lost said the same thing. :o

Superfragilistic3778d ago

You clearly missed the point of the whole game. Poor you. :(

DaKid3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

its a great game regardless, anywas if you played it you would see that its made up of a bunch of things that made games like Mario and others, great games. It just puts its own twist on the whole thing.

Its a great game. Sorry you didn't like it.

Edit: @Superfragilistic, agreed dude.

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PS360WII3779d ago

For sure this game is well made and a 9 is a perfect fit for it :)

fufotrufo3778d ago

this game is not getting the attention it deserves ..yet ..the scores are higher than almost every game released this year

solidsnakus3778d ago

no way this game gets a 9 its at LEASED a 10!! seriously, this game is just a good as portal or better. all ive played is the demo and i was getting really disoriented while doing some of the levels cause of the time traveling lol. specialy on world 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.