So You Want to be a Real Guitar Hero?

Graham Bennett writes:

"We've all heard the argument that Guitar Hero is causing thousands of young gamers with musical potential to waste their talents on a video game, but what about the counter argument? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of gamers who have never touched a real six-string, who find themselves honestly wondering if they could be a rock star because they can five-star "Freebird" on expert. If you fit this demographic, you and I have something in common, and I'd like to share a few things I discovered while trying to learn the guitar."

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macalatus3756d ago

Sign up for the actual military.

hynesa023756d ago

i love it, its exactly that!

look at the gamer zone at the first commment, what an arse

Pricey3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

lol True, only difference is playing a real guitar cant kill you. Ever played paint balling. Playing a real guitar gives you a good experience you can't get from a guitar simulator.

Besides; the shooters I like are gears of war, halo, resistance etc... None of which can be played out in real life. They are fantasy shooters which makes them appealing to me. What i cant understand is why you would buy and use a poor imitation for the same price as the real thing.

I would not mind if the guitar was an exact replica and you were playing into your tv and it was giving you tips on finger positions, teaching you different scales, and letting you be as creative as you would be using a real guitar. But no, you have a few buttons to press in various permutations and combinations.

If it is a means by which people can get into music and persuades them to go out and by the real thing. Fantastic!. But for me it just reminds me of kids that think their clever when they can play a tune by following the lights on the keyboard. And do not bother to
learn it of by heart.

Louievillesluggns3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

all those stupid gaytar homos and I'll suck your c*ck band games are a f*cking was your not doing sh*t if you going to play a music game get Magix Music Maker or Magix Music Maker Deluxe Edition on the deluxe version you can make a instrumental and use the mic to record some vocals and put it on a cd thats a rock rap jazz whatever the hell your into band come on I never touch those stupid games and I never will unless some chick tells me shes going to give me some gyn gyn so the game will never get my time of day ...........

hynesa023756d ago

guitar hero is extrememly fun when you have friends around, and actually ill have you know that many many people, like myself, CAN play instruments...i play the guitar, i have done for many years and yes i am better at guitar then i am at guitar hero...oh and your comment doesnt really make that much sense

stop being a troll

Louievillesluggns3755d ago

it does make sense go play music maker its on xbox/ps2 so if your a little slow you can play it on your 360/ps3 on yeah I know a lot of people like the damn game come on now there is like 10+ RB & GH but my little 6 year cuz'n and million more lil kid love dora the explorer that doesnt make it a good show does it I understand where your coming from but I just feel if the guitar heroes was show you how to play guitar and learn how to play the songs your acting like you play I used to play the left hand guitar violin etc. but its all good get faketar on holla I would rather play mario party with my friends "girl actually like that" oh I can see what you where talking about I did leave a whole lot of words out of what I was writing my bad sleepy I must have been LOL