New "Qorespondant" Babe Audrey Cleo

She is the new correspondent for Qore, or Qorespondent. She will be covering NBA 09: The Inside in Qore Episode 003, available tomorrow.

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Silogon3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

What kills me about videogames anymore is this... They try to sell them to boys/men by using Sexual imagery. To me this seems like a waste cause the only people who buy videogames are males anyways. < by and large.

More over, hot women who whore themselves out for a buck and spot on tv or things like this are pretty absurd cause we all know they don't game.

Veronica "PALE ALE" Belmont probably does, cause she looks like she came out of a washer mixed 6 parts bleach and 2 parts water.

NewScratch3779d ago

i think whoring might be a bit strong of a word. looks like she does tv work and thats sorta what an interactive magazine would need no? plus, how else is anyone going to pay attention to news about nba 09? :)

mikeslemonade3779d ago

Come on guys do your part in putting Silogan back to 1 bubble...

I prefer veronica bellmont being the sole female on the show. Too many different girls is an unorganized mess and the show would lose its soul.

ikiru33853779d ago

and how do you know this specific chick doesn't game? maybe she does and that's why she's on it? and if she doesn't who cares. gal or guy, why should i care who is informing me about games.

Bolts3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

What a completely moronic post.

The fact that a hot babe game or doesn't game is completely irrelevant. If that actually matters then there wouldn't be any female reporters covering the NFL because they don't play football so they're basically there just to "whore". So are you also offended by beer adds and import car shows? There's a lot more flesh on display there so you might as well go bug them and get the [email protected] off NG4.

SL1M DADDY3779d ago

It’s easier to teach a good looking woman capable of acting on TV to game but you cannot make an ugly chick that knows how to game good looking. You just can’t polish a turd bud so yeah; I’ll take the better looking chicks over some ugly gamer girl. In the end, I would care less if the correspondents were just average and knew a little about games. Besides, it’s not about how good at games they are but rather how good at interviewing they are. Good looks just mean icing on the cake.

mistertwoturbo3779d ago

When I see a guy complaining about an attractive chick like this, it just tells me one thing.

He's not into girls.

Laexerias3779d ago

Try to bait Gamer with Sexy woman.. sure. I mean.. im not f*cking interested in NBA or something else, BUT SHE IS FREAKING HOT.

Silogon3779d ago Show
mistertwoturbo3779d ago

lol Who ever said I was drooling? I already have a girlfriend that I'm soon going to get married with.

Just because your guilty of liking the same sex.

Leathersoup3779d ago

Hahahahahaha... since when have guys judged women on their gaming abilities? ;)

Cenobia3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Wait, are you saying Showtime has porn at night? Because if it does, I have been totally undervaluing the benefits of getting the Comcast premium cable package.

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name3779d ago

It's not sexual imagery just because she's attractive. It's not like she's wearing a bikini or something playing little big planet.

Silogon3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

My post was for the broader spectrum. It applies here, but in a different way. We've all seen man-jaws toss on a bikini and pose for pics while playing games. Don't act like they don't do it.

However, having women pitch and talk games is absurd. They don't, by and large play them and they don't sell the product, more than they sell themselves for other outlets in the business of entertainment.

It's like this... I'm a skilled computer savy guy. Why do I want Geek Squad telling me how to fix my computer when I know more than they do? See where this is going?

Girls don't game on the average. Men/guys do and to have girls pitching games to us is for 1 reason and 1 reason only. Sex sales. Back in the 1800 all the way to 1980 it was rare to ever see a female bartender. Now, you're lucky to find a male bartender. I am one of the few I know in my area and thank god I don't plan to stay doing it for long cause I'd be out of a job at the rate women are willing to strip down for cash on a Thursday night.

But more than that I am in a full time band and we play bars in 3 different states and it's the same everywhere you go. Sex sales and like the bartender, the female is taking the position and half the time they don't know what the hell they're doing other than expecting money.

You know I'm right.

Bolts3779d ago

No, I have no idea where you're going with this post and I don't care because I like boobies. I like boobies in games, I like boobies making games, I like boobies talking about games. I like boobies in football (cheerleaders) and I like boobies talking about football.

If I can have boobies with my pies then it'll take them too.

TradingWarStories3779d ago

On this rare ocassion.

He is speaking the truth, im not saying every single woman does it and niether is he, he is pointing out the ones that do it and will do it for some money. Some people will say that it is the only thing they can do, well ermm no it isnt cos people ALWAYS have a choice.

@Fanboi, who the hell doesnt like Boobies!?, hes talking about the boobies that show you how to play a game when they never even play it themselves other than when they show you, the only joystick they touch is their boyfriends or one night stand boys. Dont get me wrong she is sexy, but I hate it when they use sex symbols to sell games, heck it works! but for the people who game for enjoyment and gaming purposes they dont need boobies in them although the odd game should have them.

Masta_Killa3779d ago

Am I the only one who wants Veronica back?

Bolts3779d ago

I want her back too. I like Veronica.

Ninja_9tails3779d ago

You are not the only one. I like Veronica Belmont.

divideby03779d ago

desperation to sell something, which noone wants to buy

Nodoze3779d ago

First lets just pretend that Siligon is...well gone. I cant even make sense of his stupid post about bartenders?


Is Veronica really gone? If so it would be for shame as she is a good host, and a great presenter. For those that like her, be sure to check out Tekzilla.

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