PS3 Vampire Rain Demo Out Now (JP PSN)

The PS3 Vampire Rain Demo is now out on the Japanese PSN.

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Silogon3092d ago

Well, we know how bad our week here in the state is going to be now. 2 great PSN weeks and now this. It was bound to happen.

NewScratch3092d ago

hopefully it doesnt make it to the us psn. i know little of this title but what ive seen made me embarrased for whatever 2 or 3 developers put it together.

is that harsh? its early and i cant sleep. thank god silogon is around posting like a wild man...

Forbidden_Darkness3092d ago

I have to try this out. see if its good or not.

Rob0g0rilla3092d ago

Lol, reply back when you delete it. That shouldn't be long.

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The story is too old to be commented.