Nerds Get Slaughtered In 'LAN Party Massacre'

LAN Party Massacre is a comedy/horror slasher film. The movie is a direct parody of video game culture but a clasic slasher film at heart. LAN PARTY MASSACRE, which was written by Matthew Mercer and Jack Conway. The F5 Energy Drink company sponsors a LAN party tournament, inviting top gamers from across the nation to compete for a major cash prize and a chance to defeat acclaimed professional gamer (and F5 patsy) "[email protected]". Hardcore players, bloggers, shut-ins, cosplayers, and video game fans from every walk of life come to witness the event. However, when a gamer pushed too far into the virtual world of killing begins to hunt the other attendees, his body count far surpasses his score. Through a keen blend of absurd humor, clever video game references, notable video game celebrity cameos, as well as lots of blood, creative deaths, and practical gore, LAN Party Massacre appeals to both gamers and horror film buffs alike. Or so they say

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Silogon3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

"I miss the 80's and movies about losing it all"

We are a far shot away from those days and the incredible amount of "good" horror movies they had out. The Mutilator, Slumber party massacre, Happy hell night, Pieces, Black christmas "the original" and the list goes on and on. This is what we get now. Lan party massacre and in other news... A Jason who does Shawn Michales kick flips to get to his feet in the absurd, bound to be just as garabge as Halloween, remake of Friday the 13th.

I can't believe horror has come to this. I want my Twith of the death nerve, Wizard of Gore and Two Thousand Maniacs back!!!!!!!

Tobias1233752d ago

Agreed, many movies out now are pure garbage. You can say the same about comedy movies, what happened to classics like Airplane!, The Naked Gun series, and The Blues Brothers? Now we get garbage like Meet The Spartans. It's depressing.

Silogon3752d ago

You said it, man!

All those parody movies suck and such bad. Beyond belief bad and, Jonathan Frakes isn't hosting.

Horror and Comedy are the 2 best genres and for the last 10 years they're the ones that have went no where!

I can't believe how bad some of these movies are nowdays, though. I really can't believe they're getting past quality control.

PS3n3603752d ago

I kinda disagree, While the comedies of the past were indeed great "Animal House" etc. Some of the new comedies are up there too. American Pie (the first one), Zoolander, Superbad, Nacho Libre, Knocked up, and some of the ones coming out soon like Jungle Heat and that one I cant think of with Seth Rogen. Funny stuff. Horror is a different story though all gore and no scare so I agree with you there. This movie looks like crap for sure. No one will ever top Student Bodies for parody horror.

solidt123752d ago

You guy are giving good memories. I love all these films. I am a big horror film and it seems like all of the films coming out now are rip offs of a movie that just came out the year before. Im gonna start renting more horror from the 80's and 90's.

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instantstupor3752d ago

or any major media outlet for that matter. You know how the media loves to run sensationalist stories about violence and video games, regardless of how much of a stretch it really is.

squallheart3752d ago

I agree with how bad movies have become. One of the reasons why i mostly watch foreign films :/