1Up Review: Braid

Regret. Guilt. Romantic expectation. Braid doesn't just touch upon these things in passing; rather, its narrative and endlessly clever puzzle-platforming exist symbiotically, never taking the intelligence of its players for granted...or making any assumptions about what they may or may not understand. The game rules are simple -- move, jump, and control the flow of time in easily demonstrable ways -- but their applications are anything but. Likewise for the equally challenging story, which is built upon stimulating musings of life, love, and the search for another.

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power of Green 3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Anything less would be a lie.

Dam I have to wait untill tomorro to DL the full version. Played the trial version and was very impressed and "puzzled", later on I started to figure out how innovative the game is and *low key* yet challaging the gameplay is, having to use brains and skills topping many retail games.

"Braid isn't afraid to make you feel like an idiot with its puzzles"

Very true I was getting worried I would never figure out how to complete World 2, When I finally figured bit by bit out, when the puzzle came to life in the physical world I knew this was a game with a style/innovation/freshness not seen in years.

PS360WII3782d ago

This game is awesome :) It's a full package as far as style, story, and gameplay. Like green said the worlds have hard puzzle elements to them. The flow of time is no easy thing to master ^.- and the game has a good grasp on how to implement it